Dr. Victor Gabriel Clatici

Dr. Victor Gabriel Clatici, MD

Dermatologist and Venerologist, with extensive experience (over 20 years) in diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and special interest in clinical research, skin cancer, sexually transmitted infections, photoprotection and sunscreens, skin aging, acne, rosacea, quality of life in dermatology, high tech technology (laser, radiofrequency, infrared, pulsed light) and medical internet.

The first who wrote in Romanian language about quality of life and psoriasis (2001) and about vaccines for sexually transmitted infections (2002). He  was both Principal Investigator and National Coordinator for clinical studies, respectively multicenter national and international studies. He presented over 350 papers at International and National Congresses and published over 50 articles in academic journals. Presentations and articles covered in the following fields: lasers and radiofrequency, skin cancer, psoriasis, atopy, acne, rosacea, melasma, cellulite, hair diseases, HPV infection, collagen diseases, cutaneous ulcerations, dermatocosmetics and nutrition.

Victor Gabriel Clatici is an Invited Speaker at the most important congresses about Anti Aging and Laser – Monaco, Paris, Cannes, Barcelona, Bali, etc.

Victor Gabriel Clatici develop an original, and trade mark concept, The Seven S of Skin®️ Concept, a veritable connection between Health and Beauty.