Our Mission:

CBAM (Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine™) as an independent board is dedicated to providing standard high quality on-line and in-class education in the field of aesthetic medicine for health care professionals. We cater to health care professionals who are active in the field or plan to add aesthetic medicine to their current practice.

CBAM’s mission is to expand this high quality aesthetic education to all the practitioners in Canada and also all the international practitioners who wish to get education in the field with Canadian standards.

Our Plan:

As the social demand towards the anti-aging applications of the aesthetic medicine becomes popular, there are more opportunities for health care professionals to incorporate aesthetic medicine into their practices.

The CBAM™ intends to provide its educational programs for healthcare professionals to serve the global market.

The CBAM™ team includes physicians and other practitioners who are experts in different branches of aesthetic medicine, who are dedicated to providing the best educational platforms to transfer their knowledge to the other professionals with the goal of best quality practice for the public.

​CBAM™ provides education to the members by expanding the high quality materials and contents, hands-on courses and workshops, designations, congress and events, podcasts and webinars with featuring the most experienced experts in the aesthetic field.

CBAM™ caters to:

  • Physicians specialized in aesthetic medicine.
  • Physicians with non-aesthetic medicine specialization.
  • Medical residents and medical students.
  • Nurses practitioners and nurses who currently practice in this field or plan to start practicing in this field.
  • Nursing students.

and other health care practitioners such as dentists, naturopathic doctors and respiratory therapists who add the aesthetic treatments to their practice.

Updated: Mar 2024


Board Certified Members
(MDs, DOs, PAs and NPs)


CAMP®Certified Members


Single Courses Graduates


Courses Delivered


Cities Offering CBAM Courses


Recorded Online Materials And Courses


Faculty Members and Instructors

The numbers are approximate and are updated on a monthly basis.

CBAM Aesthetic Packages:

1- Take a 2-Day Basic Injectables Program: Filler and Botox Course to become familiar with the field. 

You can take this course individually or as a part of one of the packages: (Board certified package for doctors) or (CAMP Certified package for nurses)

This course is delivered in 3 parts and students must complete all 3 parts:

  1. Online preparation materials (see the lessons): You have access to materials immediately after registration. (your access will remain until the end of your package period or for 3 month after your practical date if you have purchased this course individually)
  2. Live Zoom class before the in-class days: Review of the materials and Q & A. This will give you a chance to ask all your questions from instructors before attending the practical part
  3. In-class days (2 days). See the calendar of upcoming practical days

Note: Since the topics of basic injectables course (Botox: upper face + Filler: cheeks and lip) are repeated and practiced during the Practice days anyways, all students are allowed to take the basic injectables course once and they can repeat the Practice days  as much as they want.

 2- Complete Advanced Injectables Course: Botox and Filler (Learn more)

Step 1: Advanced Injectables: Botox and Fillers Online Materials (see lessons)

Step 2: Advanced Injectables Training (Live virtual)

Important Note: All students are required to complete 4 advanced virtual trainings after the 2-Day Basic Injectables Program: Filler and Botox Course in order to get qualified to book for any practice days. Please note that you are welcome to book a practice day pending the completion of 4 advanced virtual trainings.
If you don’t complete any of the advanced virtual training sessions, your practice days will be automatically cancelled.

Step 3: Practice Days (in-class)

Important Note: All students are required to complete 4 advanced virtual trainings after the 2-Day Basic Injectables Program: Filler and Botox Course in order to get qualified to book for any practice days. Please note that you are welcome to book a practice day pending the completion of 4 advanced virtual trainings.
If you don’t complete any of the advanced virtual training sessions, your practice days will be automatically cancelled.

Step 4: Semi-private Practice Days (Optional in-class extra practice)

Important Note: Please note that the students are required to complete at least 2 practice days before booking the patients for any Semi-private Practice Days.
If you do not complete the minimum 2 practice days, your Semi-private Practice Day will be automatically cancelled.

* When you complete at least 2 Practice Days, you are qualified to complete the online examination of Advanced Injectables course. As soon as you pass this online exam, you will receive an online Certificate of Completion for Advanced Injectable Course: Advanced Botox and Filler.

3- Complete other courses in your package and get ready for your designation

Here is the list of other courses under Board Certified package or CAMP Certified package (other than the basic and advanced injectables):

*Practical parts for Sclerotherapy and Laser courses are only offered in Toronto head office branch. The practical component of these 2 courses are optional and they are not mandatory as a part of designation process.  

4- Pass all the exams, fulfill the criteria and apply for your designation

(Board Certified designation for doctors and CAMP Certified designation for nurses – Nurse practitioners can select either of them)

Learn more about Board Certified Package (For doctors)

Learn more about CAMP Certified Package (For nurses)

International physicians and health care practitioners also get benefit from CBAM education, By joining the international CBAM centers and enjoying the standardized aesthetic education delivered by highly specialized physicians and instructors in each center.

CBAM, Certificate Course, Botox and Filler Training
CBAM aesthetic training

Aesthetic Expos and Congress:

CBAM has hosted variety of courses in the field of aesthetic medicine and has brought its members in contact with the aesthetic industry sector and also the most up-to-date experts from all over the world.

Our upcoming congress on June 7-9, 2024 in Beanfield Centre Toronto is expected to be one of the largest congresses in the field of aesthetic medicine in North America. Learn more


Many health care practitioners would like to apply for CBAM titles and designations to prove their high quality of knowledge and expertise.

CBAM serves the members all over the world who are willing to go through the vigorous steps of getting approved by Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine. there are 2 designations offered to health care practitioners:

  1. Board Certified (by Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine): This designation is for doctors only.
  2. Certified Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner™ (CAMP™): This designation is ideal for nurses and other health care practitioners


To See Designation Benefits Click here

To See Board Certified Roadmap – Canadian and US Physicians Click here

To See CAMP Certified Roadmap – Canadian and US Nurses Click here

To See CBAM Designations Roadmap – International Applicants Click here

Exchange of Knowledge :

CBAM (Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine) is an independent board and has no affiliation with any licensing governing body. The process of Board Certification or other designations is based on internal policies and requirements of the board. CBAM certifies physicians who have gone through the proper training, practical hours and, examinations necessary for the safe practice of aesthetic medicine. Board Certification by the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine means the physician has completed the process of board certification and has met the scientific and clinical criteria and has successfully passed the relevant examinations.

Having any certification from Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine or carrying the title of Board Certified does not give you power to practice aesthetic medicine in Canada. In order to practice in Canada, you must hold the License from the governing college in the province you are willing to practice.

CBAM is proud to serve the Canadian and international practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine.


CBAM Basic injectables course: Botox and filler, Self-Learning program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 16.50 Mainpro + credits.


CBAM Board Certified package is approved for 50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™️. This activity is eligible for ANCC credit. See the final CME/CE


CBAM CAMP Certified package has been accredited for group learning activity by CNA (Canadian Nursing Association) for the nurses in all over Canada (50 credits)

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