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The Self-Learning Basic Botox and Filler Certification Program have been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario Chapter for up to 16.50  Mainpro+ credits

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Program Overview

2-Day Basic Injectables Course (Botox and Filler) is a comprehensive online program for beginners in the field of aesthetic medicine to learn how to start Botox® and filler treatments. The focus of the course is the upper face Botox® treatments (Forehead, Glabella and Crow’s feet wrinkles) and also lip and cheek area dermal fillers. Upon completion of this course, the participants who pass the online exams are qualified to receive their certificate from the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM).


Expert-led training

online lesson

Online Lessons


Hands-on Practice

Facial Anatomy Review

Upper Face Botox®

Cheek Fillers

Lip Fillers

Why should you take this course?

In the field of anti-aging medicine, injectables such as Botox® and fillers are some of the best non-invasive procedures for reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Training courses for Botulinum Toxin (Botox®️, Dysport®️, Nuceiva®️, and Xeomin®️) and Dermal Fillers must follow all standards of practice and patient safety regulations. Due to the high demand for these services, more and more practitioners show interest in administering these products as part of their clinical services.
You will learn the theory portion of the course online along with an online examination. After you will continue with a hands-on practical component supervised by CBAM’s team of experienced instructors and physicians. The practical component includes the review of the following topics:

  • Anatomy review (upper face muscles, midface fat compartments, arteries of the face)
  • Consent processing and post-care instructions
  • Facial analysis and evaluation
  • Emergency kit items
  • Selection of right product (for fillers)
  • Management of Complications
  • Patient pictures and records

+ Practice on numerous live models for 2 days (in Canadian Centers)

Learning Objectives

Course Objectives:

  • Upper Face Muscles Anatomy

  • Basics of Botox®

  • Botox® Reconstitution

  • Injection Techniques and Guidelines

  • Botox® Complications

  • Complications Management

Topics covered:

  • Fat Compartments In the Face

  • Anatomy of Facial Blood Vessels and Nerves

  • Basics of Fillers

  • Rheology of the Fillers

  • Injection Techniques for Cheek Fillers

  • Injection Techniques for Lip Fillers

  • Fillers Complications and Management

Why CBAM is the best option in aesthetic medicine education? 

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    There is something for everyone

    Either you are a physician or a nurse; beginner, intermediate or advanced, CBAM has some educational activities that you would benefit from and truly enjoy !!!

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    Everyone is treated like a family

    We truly believe all our members and students are a part of CBAM family. It is our goal that all the family members become highly successful in their career. We will be with you all the way for the 6 months coming, even after you finish your package with us.

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    We have a great solution for having lots of practice on live models

    After you complete the courses and learn the basic knowledge, we want you to practice, practice and practice !!!!. We believe our students are the best in the market because we provide countless number clomid cosa of practice hours on live models.

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    We are fully accredited

    We have gone through the toughest processes to make sure our education quality is the best.

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    All the instructors are the best in their field

    All CBAM instructors, either nurses or physicians are highly experienced and skilled in the field and are open to share their knowledge with all CBAM family members

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    We surprise our students with the number of models available for them

    Every Practice Day you will see a line up of models that you can treat under the supervision of skilled instructors. We are full of surprises and we love to surprise our students !!!!

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    We provide amazing packages

    The beauty of our education is that you pay one affordable flat fee and get access to everything, all courses plus countless Practice Days in any city you want.

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    We are the center of networking

    If you are a nurse and look for a medical director, or a doctor who wants to expand their team of nurses, or looking for companies to order the best products from, we connect everyone to everyone.

Part 1

Online Lessons

Concept of Aging and Beauty

We Are All Beauticians PREVIEW
Measuring Beauty and Golden Ratio
Facial Volumes and Light Reflexes
Anatomical Changes of Aging
Patient Evaluation

Anatomy of Upper Face Muscles

Facial Muscles and Botox® Approach
Frontalis Muslce
Procerus and Corrugator Muscles
Orbicularis Oculi and Depressor Supercilii Muscles

Introduction to Botox®

Introduction and History – Botox®
Structure and Mechanism of Action
Comparison of Botox® in Canada
Basics Of Botox® (By Dr. Helmy)

Anatomy of fillers

Facial fat compartments
Filler injections and arteries – General info
Arteries of head and neck

Introduction to Dermal Fillers

Types of Fillers In the Market
Mechanism of Action of HA Fillers
Choosing the Right HA Fillers and Reology
Contraindications of HA Fillers and Types of Injection Techniques

Filler Complications

General Rules
Complications Classification
Inflammatory Nodule
Vascular Complications
Related Webinars

Injection Techniques - Live demo

Lip filler – Part 1
Lip filler – Part 2
Upper face Botox® and check filler landmarking

Part 2

Live Virtual Session

All registered students of the course are able to attend live virtual sessions of this course to ask their questions directly from the instructors. These sessions are delivered frequently and the registered students for this course (either registered for the online course or for the practical course) are able to attend this session repeatedly for 6 months from the original date of their registration. The goal of these sessions is that all the questions of the students are answered by the expert CBAM faculty.

Part 3

2-Day Hands-on Practical Sessions

During the 2-day hands-on practical portion of this course, which takes place in multiple cities in the US or Canada, students will learn the following:

  • Identification of common neurotoxins and fillers used in the market.
  • Dilution techniques for neurotoxins.
  • Preparation methods for dermal fillers.
  • Face landmarking for basic injectables, including upper face neurotoxin, lip filler, and cheek fillers.
  • Various injection techniques.
  • Review of complications and their management.
  • Hands-on practice on live models for upper face Botox, lip fillers, and cheek fillers.

Throughout these 2 days, students will have ample opportunities to practice on numerous live models while being supervised by expert instructors from CBAM. They will also be able to ask any questions they may have.

Note: For students who have registered for this two-day course as part of the Master Injectables Program (Botox and Filler)  or CBAM packages (Board Certified Package for doctors and NP – CAMP Certified Package for nurses), there will be an opportunity to return and repeat the practice sessions for the duration of their package after completing this course.

What Makes Our Classes Unique?

The theory section of classes are taught by multiple advanced trainers

The practical stations are with the ratio of 4-5 students with one advanced instructor

We provide all the models and products

Students have a chance to switch between the stations to experience variety of instructors' styles of teaching and techniques. In aesthetic medicine, this is an advantage to learn variety of techniques from multiple instructors

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Other Bonus Features

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  • 30% Discount on Canadian Aesthetic Congress 2024 Tickets (here)
  • 20% Discount on Cosmetic BizBoost Services

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Registration Options

Option 1:

Register for Online Course + 2-day Hands-on Practical

Including 7 hour pre-recorded materials + Live virtual session with instructors
+ 2-day Hands-on practical course on live models

Value: $4,700+ tax 
Regular Price: $3,999 + tax

Important: You will only pay a $1,000 deposit to register and get access to all the online materials and pay the remaining up to 72 hours from the date of the in-class course.

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Upcoming Courses

Option 2:

You can take Basic Neurotoxin and Filler Course as a part of a CBAM Package:

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Register for Master Injectables Program (Botox and Filler)

These options will give you the opportunity to learn all the injectables (Basic and Advanced) as well as multiple practices as Practice days or as Semi-private practice days.

This Program includes:

Online Materials:
-72 Lessons
-+50 hours
-5 Live Virtual Sessions (with multiple repeats)
Including basic and advanced topics

Hands-on Sessions:

-2 Full day Basic injectables course (CBAM models)
– 4 Practice Sessions (CBAM models)
– 5 Semi-private Practice Sessions (your own models)

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Choice 2

Register for CBAM  6 Months Aesthetic Medicine Package

If you are interested in learning aesthetic medicine more comprehensively, you can select this option. With CBAM packages, you are able to complete basic and advanced injectables courses and practice repeatedly for 6 months, as well as all the other aesthetic medicine procedures, such as Laser, PRP, Cosmetic dermatology, Skincare, Sclerotherapy,…

CBAM Board certified package (for doctors and NPs)

CBAM CAMP certified package (for nurses)

CBAM Popular Botox and Filler Packages Comparison

6 Months Aesthetic Medicine Full Packages
(Board/CAMP Certified Packages)
Master Injectables Certificate Program
(Botox and Filler Only)
2-Day Basic Injectables Course
(Botox and Filler Only)
Hands-on Practice on CBAM Models
(Basic treatments*)
2-day Basic Course
2-day Basic Course
2-day Basic Course
Hands-on Practice on CBAM Models
(All treatments**)
Within 6 Months
Multiple practice sessions
5 Practice Sessions
Hands-on Practice on Your Models
(All treatments**)
Within 6 Months
Multiple Semi-private sessions
Semi-private sessions
Courses Included
Hands-on + Online Training
Basic Injectables +
Advanced Injectables +
9 Other Courses
Basic Injectables +
Advanced Injectables
Basic Injectables 
Online Materials Included 200h+ 50h+ 14h+
Live Virtual Training
Basic Injectables (1 session) +
Advanced Injectables (4 sessions) +
PRP (1 session) +
Laser (1 session)
Basic Injectables (1 session) +
Advanced Injectables (4 sessions) 
Basic Injectables (1 session) 
Ideal for
Surgeons, doctors, and nurses
would like to have comprehensive
training seeking expertise in
injectables and all aesthetic
modalities to ensure success in their
aesthetic careers
Surgeons, doctors, and nurses
looking to begin with injectables
and progress to advanced
modalities over time
Surgeons, doctors, and nurses
who want to just enter the
aesthetic market in a basic level
and build a foundation in the
Membership & Aesthetic Channel
(Annual Fee: $450CAD)
6 months
Free membership included
6 months
Free membership included
3 months
Free membership included
Price $$$ $$ $
CBAM Credits
(This credit can be used for future CBAM courses or events)
10% of the total price 10% of the total price 10% of the total price
Start Here Start Here Start Here

*Basic treatments: Upper face botox - Lip filler - Cheek filler
**All treatments: Full face botox - Full face filler (except nose filler)
Please note that you have the option to upgrade from the Basic Injectables to packages by paying the price difference.


  1. You can begin your education with one of the above 2 options instead of starting with the 2-day Basic injectables course. This was, you will get access to all the online materials as soon as you pay the deposit
  2. You can always upgrade to one of the above options after completion of the 2-day Basic injectables course and pay the difference in price.

Outlines of the parts of the course

Basic Botox® and Filler online materials:

  • Concept of beauty and aging
  • Anatomy of upper face muscles
  • Basics of Botox®
  • Anatomy of facial arteries
  • Anatomy of facial fat compartments
  • Basics of filler

2 Day Practical parts (each day from 9 am to 4 pm):

Practical workshops on day 1 and day 2:

  • Workshop of anatomy review (upper face muscles, midface fat compartments, arteries of the face)
  • Consent processing and post-care instructions
  • Facial analysis and evaluation
  • Emergency kit review (the items are required to be in the kit)
  • Selection of right product (for fillers)
  • Management of Complications
  • Patient pictures and records

​Practice on live models on day 1 and day 2:

  • Multiple stations for practicing on live models. Each station has a ratio of 1 instructor to 4 to 5 students. The students are able to switch between the stations in order to learn from variety of expert instructors.

What is Basic Injectables Program for Botox® and filler?

Basic Injectables Program for Botox® (Botox®️, Dysport®️, Nuceiva®️, and Xeomin®️) and filler training course is a comprehensive two-day program plus online preparation materials designed for both beginners in the field of aesthetic medicine and practitioners who wish to add this service to their current list of procedures. All participants of this course are also required to complete the complimentary Skin treatment, Skin products and Chemical peel course. You would also get access to the online materials related to this course and also online materials of “Skin treatment and Chemical peel course” from the date of registration until 3 months after the date of in-class course.

Online materials for Basic injectables course

Who can take this Botox® and filler training course?

Physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dentists, and international medical doctors are able to take this course to become experts in Botox® and filler injection!

What is Botox® training course?

The Botox® (Botox®️, Dysport®️, Nuceiva®️, and Xeomin®️) training course trains students to understand the bacterial toxin botulinum, used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. Main topics covered in Botox® training in this course will be forehead, glabella, and crow’s feet. More advanced Botox® treatments is covered in other CBAM courses such as Advanced Injector: Advanced Botox® and filler course.

What is filler training course?

This filler training course ensures that the students learn the basics of dermal fillers, anatomical landmarks, major blood vessels in the face, danger zones, major fat compartments in the face, filler injection techniques and dealing with the complications of the fillers. Main areas are covered in this course will be midface and cheeks, nasolabial, and lip augmentation. Filler treatment for other areas such as jawlines, chin or non-surgical soft face lift is covered in the other CBAM courses such as Advanced injector: Advanced neurotoxin and filler course.

What is the duration of the Botox® and filler injection courses?

Injectable: Filler and Botox® training course is a comprehensive two-day program designed for both beginners in the field of aesthetic medicine and practitioners who wish to add this service to their current list of procedures. Prerequisite of this course is to review the online materials related to this topic and also online Skin treatments and Chemical peel course materials which is sent to the participant upon registration.

The 2 day practical parts of the course include workshops for Anatomy review, Case study, Emergency kit, Complications management, Patient evaluation and recording. After, the course will be completed with the hands-on practical component injecting multiple live models supervised by CBAM’s team of experienced instructors and physicians. The depth of theoretical materials and hands-on practical experience will enhance your confidence at your practice to deliver a safe and outstanding service to your clients.

Is it possible to purchase only the online portion of this course?

Yes! You can purchase the online portion of this course individually.

To learn more about this course and how to register for upcoming dates, fill out the form below. We will contact you.

* Important note: This form is not a reminder form for upcoming courses. If you wish to learn about our upcoming dates, please check the course calendar.