Elevate Your Expertise in Facial Imaging

Participate in this master workshop with CBAM, to enhance your skills in cosmetic ultrasound imaging. This workshop provides comprehensive training beyond the basics, empowering you to confidently conduct facial ultrasound imaging for cosmetic injectable filler treatments.


Hands-on Practical Course


Course Duration: 7h


Level: Advanced


Online Lessons + Live Virtual Session

Faculty & Instructors

DS. Master Facial

The instructors featured on this page individually lead specific courses, employing their unique teaching methodologies within their respective classes. As a result, not all instructors listed here are involved in every course.

Key Benefits of the Workshop:

1- Stay Up-to-Date: Acquire the latest techniques in cosmetic ultrasound imaging to better serve your patients.

2- Utilize Ultrasound Effectively: Unlock the potential of your ultrasound machine, enhancing your skills as an injector and improving patient outcomes.

3- Increase Profitability: By incorporating ultrasound into your practice, you can attract more patients and generate additional revenue.

4- Boost Patient Confidence: Utilize ultrasound as a powerful tool to build trust and confidence in your patients.

5- Stand Out from the Competition: Develop a competitive edge by mastering advanced ultrasound techniques in cosmetic procedures.

  • Learning Objectives
  • Classroom Learning and Hands-on Training: A balanced approach that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: Experience the latest ultrasound devices and techniques, or bring your own device for personalized training.
  • Discover New Treatment Areas: Expand your practice and create a unique niche in the cosmetic filler market for your area.
  • Safety Procedures and Facial Vascular Mapping: Learn essential safety protocols and gain confidence in facial vascular mapping.
  • Precision in Evaluating Patient Anatomy: Enhance your technique by accurately assessing patient anatomy.

Part 1

Online Lessons

How US can help us in Aesthetics?

Vascular Mapping 
Modify your technique based on findings
Direct Placement
Demonstrate vascular flow post treatment
Complication identification and management

US Basics:

How US works
Probes and planes
The US image – Echogenisity, artifacts and doppler

Surface Anatomy Review

Surface Anatomy Review

Layers of the face

Layers of the face

Identifying different fillers on US

Identifying different fillers on US

Identifying nodules

Identifying nodules

Identifying vascular lesions:

Bruise vs Hematoma

Part 2

Live Virtual Session

All registered students of the course are able to attend live virtual sessions of this course to ask their questions directly from the instructors. These sessions are delivered frequently and the registered students for this course (either registered for the online course or for the practical course) are able to attend this session repeatedly for 6 months from the original date of their registration. The goal of these sessions is that all the questions of the students are answered by the expert CBAM faculty.

Part 3

Hands-on Practical Sessions

During the hands-on practical portion of this course (One Day: 7 hours), students will go through the following:

● What is Ultrasound?
● Basics of Ultrasound
● Surface Anatomical Review
● Facials Aesthetics
● Hands-on practice on live models

Throughout the practical portion of the course, students will have ample opportunities to practice on numerous live models while being supervised by expert instructors from CBAM. They will also be able to ask any questions they may have!

Certification of Completion

How To Register?


Regular price: $3499 CAD + tax

Register for Master Aesthetic package (3 master courses) to save the price (up to $1500 saving for the course and 90% discount for CBAM congress)

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