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Why CBAM is the best option in aesthetic medicine education? 

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    There is something for everyone

    Either you are a physician or a nurse; beginner, intermediate or advanced, CBAM has some educational activities that you would benefit from and truly enjoy !!!

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    All the instructors are the best in their field

    All CBAM instructors, either nurses or physicians are highly experienced and skilled in the field and are open to share their knowledge with all CBAM family members

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    Everyone is treated like a family

    We truly believe all our members and students are a part of CBAM family. It is our goal that all the family members become highly successful in their career. We will be with you all the way for the years coming, even after you finish your package with us.

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    We surprise our students with the number of models available for them

    Every Practice Day you will see a line up of models that you can treat under the supervision of skilled instructors. We are full of surprises and we love to surprise our students !!!!

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    We have a great solution for having lots of practice on live models

    After you complete the courses and learn the basic knowledge, we want you to practice, practice and practice !!!!. We believe our students are the best in the market because we provide countless number of practice hours on live models.

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    We provide amazing packages

    The beauty of our education is that you pay one affordable flat fee and get access to everything, all courses plus countless Practice Days in any city you want.

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    We are fully accredited

    We have gone through the toughest processes to make sure our education quality is the best.

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    We are the centre of networking

    If you are a nurse and look for a medical director, or a doctor who wants to expand their team of nurses, or looking for companies to order the best products from, we connect everyone to everyone.

What Our Students Say?

Board Certified Package is now offered in multiple cities

All courses with refreshment for one year in any of the following cities


CBAM Courses in Toronto


CBAM Courses in Ottawa


CBAM Courses in Calgary


CBAM Courses in Vancouver

Sydney NS

CBAM Courses in Sydney NS


CBAM Courses in Guelph

Halifax NS

CBAM Courses in Halifax NS

Canadian Board Classes

CBAM Events

What makes our classes unique?

– The theory section of classes are taught by multiple advanced trainers

– The practical stations are with the ratio of 4-5 students with one advanced instructor

– We provide all the models and products

– Students have a chance to switch between the stations to experience variety of instructors’ styles of teaching and techniques. In aesthetic medicine, this is an advantage to learn variety of techniques from multiple instructors

CBAM Membership

The Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine has two types of memberships. The Basic Membership is FREE for all health care practitioners (Physicians, Dentists, Naturopathic Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, RPNs, Residents and nursing students). The Premium Membership gives the additional benefit of 15% off all courses at CBAM, as well as discounts to all other CBAM Events.

In-class Course Calendar

With Board Certified Package, you are able to take all these courses and repeat them for one year

See the Online lessons

With Board Certified Package, you will have access for one year

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