We have introduced a new program for our students to assist them to begin their aesthetic business. This new program provides medical director for our graduate nurses who are starting their aesthetic business and do not want to lose their current or potential clients, only due to the absence of medical director or lack of products and supplies.

Who is eligible to get into this program?

This program is only available for the students who have completed the CBAM 2-day Basic injectable program (or equivalent – conditional to the approval by the CBAM admin team) plus a minimum of 2 CBAM practice days.

How it works?

The eligible students will inform the main office about their interest in getting into this program. The head office will connect the student to the available medical directors. The student will contact the medical director directly to arrange for treatment of the patients by this student.

If you are eligible and would like to get into this program and receive more detailed information, please fill out the form below. Our team will contact you for further arrangements.