Dr. Christina Plaskos

Dr. Christina Plaskos, MD
Medical Doctor (Canada)

Dr. Christina Plaskos received her HBSC of Pharmacology as well as her medical degree from the University of Toronto. Her dedication to total health and wellness motivated her to further develop her education. She is board certified in Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine and has a fellowship in Metabolic + Nurtritional Medicine from the University of South Florida.

With 30 years of medical experience, Dr. Plaskos is a cosmetic, skin and wellness expert. Her passion is to help people look and feel their best in order to empower them to live their best life. On a mission to create a mindset shift from ‘Anti-Aging’ to ‘Pro-Aging’ within the wellness industry, Dr. Plaskos is focused on helping people to welcome each day with positivity rather than resistance.