Dr Gerald Boey
Dr. Gerald Boey, B.Sc.(Med), MD, CCFP
Medical Doctor (Canada)
Medical Director of Arbutus Laser Centre

Gerald Boey has been practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia for 24 years.  Dr. Boey is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan where he did research in Biophysics, obtaining a B.Sc. (Med) before graduating from Medicine in 1978.  He has held various university teaching appointments and has been in private practice, specializing in cutaneous laser surgery since 1987.  He opened Saskatchewan’s first laser centre in l987, and the first in Vancouver in l992.  His current centre consists of over 15 physicians and technicians using over 15 different state-of-the-art lasers and devices for the treatment of skin disorders and cosmetic concerns.

University of Saskatchewan
Bachelor of Science, Medicine, 1974
M.D., 1978
CCFP, 1981

College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
License # 14668
Expires February 2, 2019

Dr. Boey is active in teaching both physicians and nurses/technicians in the safe and effective use of cutaneous lasers and IPL systems.
Assistant Instructor, Medicine  Univ of Saskatchewan, 1081-1992
Arbutus Laser Centre, Medical Director and Instructor, 1991-2019
Dr. Boey sat on committee that regulated laser use and standards of training for clinical lasers, College of Physicians and Surgeons, BC

Some of the studies that Dr. Boey was involved in, either as principal investigator or part of a multicentre study include:
1. R-2 Dermatology device for pigmentation (2016-2018)
2. Effectiveness of new Zeltiq applicator at lower temperature and time
3. Effectiveness of new Zeltiq applicator for use on inner thighs
4. Effect of Manual Massage on Coolsculpting results
4 Effectiveness of treatment to various body areas with the Zeltiq 6.5 Applicator   (2011)
5 Effectiveness of the Stortz Acoustic Wave device for the treatment of cellulite (2010)
6 Study to Optimize the performance of the Velasmooth Device using a replicable cap and altering the Radiofrequency level (2007)
7 Prospective Clinical Study to determine the Safety and Efficacy of the Velasmooth Device for Temporary Thigh Circumference Reduction (2006)
8 Study to determine optimum skin exposure time of EMLA for the treatment of Port Wine Stains in Children (1989)
9 Muscle Contraction Modeling, frog Sartorius muscle (1974)

Dr. Boey has lectured extensively across Canada and the U.S. on various aspects of laser medicine
2-4 presentations per year sponsored by various laser companies, plus
CAAM, Nov, 2011  Laser Safety and Complications
ASLMS on several occasions regarding Coolsculpt studies
Controversies in Cutaeous Lasers, 2009, Thigh Size reduction with the Velashape
ASDS  Sept 2007  Thigh size reduction with the Velashape
CAAM Nov 2006  What’s new in Cutaneous Lasers
Canadian Society of Phlebology Feb 2006  Clinical Use of a new Filler Evolence

Dr. Boey has contributed to various publications in the laser field, and is actively involved in trials of new laser and related technology, and participates as a blinded observer site for multi-centre studies. (see above)

College of Physicians and Surgeons