Dr. David Cordero

Naturopathic Physician/BC
Medical Doctor and Surgeon/ Cosmetic Surgeon 


▪ Naturopathic Doctor British Columbia May 2016/ Full license with
prescription rights, IV therapy license, Ozone and Chelation IV license,
Cosmetic injections license ( Botox, fillers, mesotherapy )
▪ Medical Doctor and Surgeon
▪ Cosmetic Surgery Postgraduate Training Bogota Colombia
▪ Cosmetic Surgery Training. Cosmetic Surgery and Local anesthesia. Toronto
▪ Medical License, Bogota Colombia 1987-Present
▪ Naturopathic Physician BC 2016
▪ Member : Colombian academy of cosmetic surgery,
▪ Colombian association of Cosmetic Surgery.
▪ Canadian association of Naturopathic Doctors,
▪ BC association of Naturopathic doctors.
▪ DAFOH ( Doctors against forced organ harvesting ) Medical
representative for Canada and South America.
▪ Private Practice in General practice, Bogota Colombia 1987-Present
▪ Private practice in cosmetic surgery: Bogota Colombia 1998-present
▪ Hospital intern and assistant in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Bogota Colombia.
1998-2001 .Liposuction, lipo-sculpture, Breast lifting, Breast reduction, Breast
augmentation. Face and neck lifting. Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Otoplasty,
Abdominoplasty ( Tummy tuck).
▪ Clinica Castillo of cosmetic surgery. First surgical assistant. Toronto Canada
2003-3008, 2012-2106.
▪ Naturopathic Doctor British Columbia May 2016/ Full license with
prescription rights, IV therapy license and Cosmetic injections license.
▪ Medical school Juan N Corpas Bogota Colombia
▪ Phalisades Pharmaceutical : Medical sclerotherapy New Jersey USA
▪ Medical Sclerotherapy, Promedical Dacor Bogota
▪ Advanced liposuction techniques. Promedical Dacor Bogota.
▪ Training in cosmetic surgery and local anesthesia with Dr.Castillo M.D. Toronto
2004-2007 Canada.
Liposuction-Lipo-inyection in face, breast, hands and gluteus -Tummy Tuck-Breast
Implant-Breast Lifting and Mastopexy– Ear cosmetic surgery-Rhynoplasty- Face
Lifting– Micro graft Hair Implant- Blepharoplasty .
Technique of Local anesthesia with assisted sedation.
▪ Advances in Cosmetic Facial Surgery, Advanced botox and fillers training.
Ellman Educational Institute New Jersey
▪ Comprehensive training Cynosure laser system, Toronto, Hair removal, skin
tightening, skin pigmentation. Toronto.
▪ Thread lift, trained with Dr. R. Stephen Mulholland MD | Plastic Surgeon. Toronto
▪ Endovenous laser vein treatment , Fullerton-Kedzie Medical Center, trained with
Harold Jaimes,M.D. Chicago
▪ Belt lipectomy in the massive weight loss patients. Dr Albert Cram Md/PS Bogota .
▪ Advanced training in facial and body cosmetic surgery. Colombian association of
Cosmetic surgery. Endoscopic brow lift, Bell lipectomy in massive weight loss
patients. Breast surgery complications management. Facelift with extended SMAS.
hair transplantation, Laser assisted liposuction, Vaser assisted liposuction. JetLiposuction. Bogota.
▪ IV therapy, training with Dr Paul Anderson Toronto Canada
▪ Addictions Intravenous Treatment Dr Paul Anderson Toronto Canada
▪ Compliance Course In IV Therapy . Marsden Centre OAND Toronto Canada
▪ Therapeutics Pharmacy course. James McCormack/Adil Virani BC Canada
▪ Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Toronto Canada
▪ IV training Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors. Toronto Canada
▪ University of Florida , Bio-identical Hormones prescription Toronto Canada
▪ Fotona : General and cosmetic laser procedures . Safety laser training, Laser Vaginal
rejuvenation training . Toronto Canada.
▪ Ozone-Oxidative therapies and Chelation training Naturomedic INC
ON Dr Michael Prytula