Dr. Aydin Saray
Dr. Aydin Saray, MD, Professor
Medical Doctor (Turkey)

Dr. Aydin Saray is a Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon and is a fully registered
member of the Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic
Surgery and Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery since 1998. Dr.
Saray is one of the so-called key opinion leaders in Turkey who always
seeks scientific basis, logic, safety, validity, and utility when treating
patients. He is a frequently invited national and international speaker and
trainer in workshops, hands-on training, cadaver workshops, and
international congresses. “Less is more” and “Primum nihil nocere” are the
two principles of him in his rejuvenation treatments.
Dr. Saray specializes in facial rejuvenation surgery, otoplasty,
blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and body contouring surgery. He is a
dedicated trainer, researcher, presenter, and publisher for minimally
invasive procedures. Thread-lifts, soft-tissue fillers, peeling, neurotoxins,
and mesotherapy are his leading interests in minimally invasive aesthetic
treatments. He has worked in the USA, Canada, Italy, Finland, and Israel as a
visiting fellow. He is the first young Turkish plastic surgeon who won the
EURAPS (European Association of Plastic Surgery) scholarship in 1998. Dr.
Saray has 35 international and 21 national articles in aesthetic and plastic
surgery journals on experimental and clinical surgery. He has invented the
unique idea of a new concept in shoulder augmentation technique which
has been published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal.
Currently, Dr. Saray is working in private practice for full-time in Istanbul,