Dr. Angelina Guzzo



Dr. Guzzo has been a licensed specialist in anesthesia for the last 15 years and a cosmetic injector since 2014. She has received training at McGill University, MIT in Boston, Dalhousie University and the University of Toronto. As a Ph.D. and a professor at McGill, she loves teaching students and has brought this passion for teaching into her aesthetic practise and in her interactions with patients. Dr Guzzo was introduced to Botox during her chronic pain rotation in 2006 when treating migraines. When she had some injected herself, her interest in the field of aesthetic medicine was sparked and she hasn’t looked back. After further training, Dr. Guzzo began injecting patients in 2014. Since then, she continues to evolve within a field that has seen big changes and many more treatment options in the last 7 years. She was certified by the College des Medecins in 2019. After an 18 month commitment to the public as an anesthetist during COVID, she is now dedicating herself to aesthetics.