Free Webinar: Ultrasonographic Vision: Sonoanatomy & Injectables


Dr. José Ramón Saucillo Gibert

Dr. José Ramón Saucillo Gibert MD, Surgeon

Surgeon and Obstetrician Degree
Master in Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine
Vice President of the Mexican Association of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine
Director of the Aesthetic Academy Tour, medical training tour in advanced aesthetic medicine.
Expert in Facial Ultrasonography for mapping, ultrasound-guided punctures and management of ultrasound-guided complications.
international speaker
Director of Saucillo Clinic and Cabo Stem Cell Center
KOL of different brands
Creator of techniques with PDO threads for facelift (GO-CO) and rhinoplasty (Butterfly)



It would be practically impossible to dissect our patients live to identify the muscle fiber, the fatty compartment or the exact point where the vascular compromise is occurring after the application of dermal fillers, this is where the questioning begins, but above all, in updating ourselves to the next level. which is the use of ultrasound in aesthetic medicine, THE NEW EYES IN AESTHETIC MEDICINE. Ultrasound, being a non-invasive procedure, allows us to develop new skills, safer procedures, no more blind procedures, vascular and nervous examinations as well as their anatomical variants, regional facial blocks in microdoses, among other great benefits.


We will enter a magnificent world that is ultrasound in aesthetic medicine, for this it is very important to remember and know how to identify important patterns from the beginning, knowing what the equipment is, wave speed, generations in equipment, transducers, resolution, Doppler, needle visualization, sonoanatomy are some of the patterns that we must know how to identify in order to adequately apply ultrasound in aesthetic medicine.


We can have anatomy master classes and of course a wide range of scientific material where even full pages are dedicated to learning about a particular blood vessel or anatomical region, but it will always be important to see through a non-invasive method such as ultrasound THE NEWS EYES IN AESTHETIC MEDICINE.


Ultrasound is already a benchmark in aesthetic medicine but we must go further making it a standard in our aesthetic medicine medical consultation since with this we can carry out various prevention and intervention approaches but we will not achieve this until it is have adequate.

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Oct 25th - 05:00 pm (EST)

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Chemical Peeling Techniques

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