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Pina Lee

Ms. Pina Lee, CIDESCO Diplomat

Pina Lee is a highly experienced aesthetic professional with over 20 years in the industry. She holds an advanced diploma in clinical aesthetics from CIDESCO, laser technician diploma, and certification with Oncology Training International. Throughout her career, Pina has delivered client/patient treatments and skin health advice in various professional settings, while also providing support to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, general physicians, and other medical skin health professionals. Additionally, she has contributed to business development initiatives, treatment protocol improvements, and profit improvement strategies.Pina has also expanded her expertise by working as a corporate trainer for medical devices and as a vocational college instructor. Her extensive knowledge and experience in medical aesthetics and training form the foundation of her current role as the Clinical Educator with NUVIOR Medical Innovation.

Webinar Topic & Abstract:


 NUVIOR Medical Innovation invites you to participate in an informative webinar on the latest developments in the field of hyperpigmentation. During this session, you will have the opportunity to learn about the innovative dermamelan® treatment by mesoestetic, which serves as the only comprehensive solution for addressing and regulating hyperpigmentation on multiple levels of the skin. This industry-leading method provides intensive corrective action while also regulating melanin production and preventing the reappearance of new spots in all skin types and phototypes.

In medium and high phototypes, traditional laser treatments may not be as effective and may carry a higher risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). In these cases, dermamelan® is highly recommended due to its tolerance, efficacy, and low risk of relapse. In light phototypes, the combination of laser treatment with dermamelan® enhances treatment success, effectively correcting and controlling melanin, resulting in a more intense and longer-lasting outcome.

The dermamelan® method effectively inhibits the main molecular mechanisms that contribute to overstimulation of the melanocyte, which is associated with the inflammatory, vascular, and hormonal components of the most resistant forms of hyperpigmentation. This depigmenting method, supported by in-vitro studies, has been shown to produce results that rival those of laser treatments, with less investment and physician involvement. Learn how thousands of medical professionals worldwide are utilizing the science of dermamelan® to combat pigmentation and increase their revenue.


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Tuesday February 21st, 06:00 pm Toronto

2023/02/21 18:00:00
Chemical Peeling Techniques

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