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Beyond Needles: Needle-free Enhancements, Redefining Beauty & Anti-aging

Daniele Henkel Webinar Beyond-Needles-Needle-free-Enhancements-Redefining-Beauty-Anti-aging

Wednesday, Feb 21, 6:00 pm Toronto Time

2024/02/21 18:00:00
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Unlocking the Future of Aesthetics: An Introduction to LPG’s Needle-free Enhancements and Advanced Anti-aging Solutions for 2024

On January 4th, New Beauty Magazine highlighted the growing significance of NEEDLE-FREE ENHANCEMENTS, listing them among the top 7 treatments and innovations projected to dominate our newsfeeds in 2024. This recognition aligns with the increasing awareness within an informed and expanding sector of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine patients worldwide who are actively seeking treatments without injections. Join our expert talk for a transformative webinar as we explore the groundbreaking world of needle-free enhancements with the LPG – ALLIANCE. Delve into the science behind “biostimulation,” “biomodulation,” “regeneration,” and “collagenesis,” supported by over 140 studies that position LPG as a global leader in connective tissue treatment. Discover how this most recognized technology is reshaping aesthetics by providing effective alternatives to traditional needle-based treatments. With a 35-year legacy as the world leader in connective tissue treatment, LPG has a presence in over 110 countries, establishing itself as an indispensable tool in an aesthetic practitioner’s toolkit. Gain valuable insights into how LPG contributes to slowing, stopping, or reversing the aging process through increased circulation, mobilized lymphatic systems, and stimulated elastin, collagen, and endogenous hyaluronic acid. Stay at the forefront of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine by participating in this exclusive webinar!

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Linda Mahieddine (LQ)

Linda Mahieddine, CEO Daniel Henkel Inc

Linda Mahieddine is a multi-successful businesswoman. CEO of Daniele Henkel Enterprises, an exclusive Canadian distributor of the prestigious French LPG brand and numerous innovative product and technology lines, she is also the founder of the Daniele Henkel Academy, a leader in professional education. Thanks to her innate entrepreneurial spirit, she is at the helm of the family business as well as several other companies.
A serial businesswoman, Linda has propelled the companies she leads with her incomparable sense of purpose and determination. A visionary, she has enabled Daniele Henkel Enterprises to position itself as a leader in the therapeutic and medical-aesthetic industry.

Dr. Fozia Alvi-

Dr. Fozia Alvi, MD,CCFP

Dr.Fozia Alvi is a Diplomate American and Canadian Board certified physician with 25 years of experience.
An exceptional physician, she puts “care” back into “healthcare” as the proud founder and President of Humanity Auxilium, a medical relief organization.
Basing her medical and aesthetic practice on the fundamentals of technological brilliance, expertise, empathy, and personalization, she has grown Energize Aesthetics into a highly successful venture over the past 18 years in Western Canada.

Jason Olandesca, BN, RN CCPE

Jason Olandesca is one of the first Nurse Injectors and Aesthetic Educators in Canada. He has worked in various positions in Aesthetic Medicine since 2006, from Business Development and Technical Trainer to Clinic Owner and Faculty Member. He is passionate about the practice and business of Aesthetic Medicine and is constantly sharing knowledge and educating colleagues about the advances and opportunities available in this ever-evolving healthcare field.

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