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Beyond The Logo: Unleashing the Social Power of Your Brand

7 Keys Factors in Creating a Brand Identity In Medical Aesthetics


Thursday, Dec 07, 5:00 pm Toronto Time

2023/12/07 17:00:00


The cosmetic aesthetic industry is growing rapidly, with a projected global market value of $53.3 billion by 2027. With such significant growth, the competition within the industry has also intensified, making it crucial for businesses to have effective branding and marketing strategies to differentiate themselves and capture market share.
Introducing “Branding Yourself in the Medical Aesthetic Industry: 7 Key Factors”– a short yet powerful webinar designed specifically for busy medical aesthetic professionals. In just a short amount of time, this dynamic session will equip attendees with invaluable insights on how to establish a strong personal brand in the industry.

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  • What is branding really about?
  • How important is branding in the growth of medical aesthetic business?
  • How can you grow your business by using your brand in social media?
  • What are some good examples of medical aesthetic professionals with good branding?
  • What role does reputation play in branding?
  • How does differentiation contribute to a brand’s success?
  • What are the best marketing tools to promote your brand?

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Sara Rahimian, B.A, M.A. Marketing Expert, Award Winning REALTOR®, and Esteemed Speaker

For over a decade, Sara Rahimian has collaborated with medical professionals, serving as a marketing consultant, business marketing instructor, and aiding in the establishment of practices, including identifying optimal locations. With a robust academic background encompassing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Sara is also a licensed Multi-Award Winning REALTOR® in the ever-evolving Canadian real estate landscape both on Commercial and Residential sectors.

Professional Background:

Sara boasts over 15 years of expertise in business consulting and Marketing. Her journey encompasses collaborating with renowned brands, offering strategic insights, and aiding small businesses in rebranding and effective marketing practices. Sara has worked with big Global brands, small businesses and built a Real Estate business with focus on helping Medical professionals set up their practice.

Managing Partner At Cosmetic Biz Boost

Sara is the co-founder of Cosmetic Biz Boost, recognizing a market gap where highly skilled medical professionals may benefit from additional knowledge in marketing and business. In her role as Managing Partner, she has made noteworthy contributions as a course instructor, and business marketing consultant for the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, expanding her influence beyond traditional boundaries.

Diverse Educational Journey:

Sara’s educational journey is equally impressive, with a Master’s Degree from the American University of Paris, specializing in Marketing and Branding. She holds a Management Certificate from the prestigious Schulich School of Business and earned her Bachelor’s in Business from York University. Furthermore, she began her Real Estate journey in 2012. This academic foundation, combined with her extensive real-world experience, positions Sara as a dynamic force in both marketing and real estate domains for Medical Professionals

Frequent Speaker and Thought Leader:

Sara Rahimian stands as a thought leader in the medical aesthetic industry, frequently lending her expertise as a speaker at conferences and educational institutions. Her insights and engaging presentations have become a valuable resource for professionals seeking to navigate business marketing in the medical aesthetic field.

Sara Rahimian is not just a professional; she is a community builder with a profound passion for connecting people and fostering growth. Her commitment extends beyond the business realm, aiming to create meaningful connections and contribute to the development of vibrant communities.

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