Parking Options for North Vancouver Branch

Parking Options for North Vancouver Branch

Option 1

The visitor parking underground of the building, the entrance to parking is on “Eastern Ave.”:

Below is the rate of this parking and it is available maximum for 3 hours, therefore you are required to extend it every 3 hours.

If you use this parking, you can take the elevator and go to the 2nd floor to go to the CBAM office.

Option 2

Public parking (Easy park) on 137 15th St. East (right besides the OEB Breakfast Co.):

Below is the rate of this parking lot.

Option 3

Underground public parking at the City Market grocery store:

The entrance to the parking facility is located on 17th St. East, right beside the “JJ Bean Coffee shop.”

There is no fee for parking for store users. Based on our experience, no one has received a ticket in this parking lot. You are welcome to park in this area at your own risk and walk to the CBAM office, which is less than a 5-minute walk away.

Option 4

Parking on the streets around the building:

If you are planning a short visit to CBAM, you can use the free parking on the streets nearby. Free parking is available for 60, 90, or 120 minutes, depending on the available spots. Please read the sign of the selected parking area.