Tips for male filler patients

Tips for male filler patients

1. Lip filler

Men’s faces typically have a more defined, angular shape. It is frequently necessary for injection points to become square and broader than narrow. For instance, when treating men with lip fillers, we want to retain the volume within the chin’s width. In contrast to females, we often keep it within the breadth of the nose in males. Compared to females, where the volume is more concentrated with the intercanthal distance, male lips have a more equally distributed amount of volume.

2. Cheek filler

Since male zygomatic bones tend to be more horizontal, our cheek filler injection locations will align with the felt bone.
For women, we wish to reestablish or preserve the triangle of youth, whereas for men bigonial distance might meet or exceed bizygomatic distance.

3. Chin filler

Males typically have square chins, whereas females typically have round chins. Lip width and the distance between the inside edges of the pupils can both be used to determine the width of the chin.

Some expert tips:

– Consider using higher G-prime fillers when treating men: This gives the projection of the prominent angular and sharp characteristics that are characteristic of male features in contrast to the softer, rounded features that are thought to be more feminine.
– When treating men, particularly in layer 5, you’ll probably need to use more product or a higher G-prime filler (periosteum)
– Take into account your patients’ outcome; for the more cautious male patient, conservative procedures and undetectable results are frequently preferable.
– Recognize the structural and anatomical differences between the faces of men and women, including the differences in dimensions, angles, and structures.

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