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Aesthetic Board

(Fast Track Pathway)

By the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine

Available for Eligible Aesthetic Professionals

What is Canadian Aesthetic Board Certification - Fast Track Pathway?

The Canadian Aesthetic Board Certification - Fast Track Pathway is an exclusive program designed for established experts in aesthetic medicine, including Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Experienced Aesthetic Doctors. It provides a comprehensive assessment of your expertise, paving the way for you to attain Canadian Board Certification in Aesthetic Medicine through a relatively Fast process.


  • Aesthetic Board Certification by CBAM
  •  Designated Page on the CBAM website
  •  Wall Certificate
  •  Credibility and More Exposure by patients and colleagues



  • Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon with at least 1 year of experience in the Aesthetic Medicine field (common aesthetic procedures)
  • MD Graduate with a minimum of 3 years of experience in the Aesthetic Medicine field (common aesthetic procedures)
  • Previous Certification in: Injectables, PRP, Laser, Cosmetic Dermatology

If you lack certification in any (or all) of these courses, you can enroll in CBAM’s interactive online courses to fulfill these requirements.


Procedure to follow:

  • Submit Your Documents
  • Eligibility Assessment (Free of charge)
  • Registration & Payment (If Eligible!)
  • Complete the Components and Steps of the Program
  • Become Canadian Board Certified!

Accreditation for the Canadian Aesthetic Board Certification – Fast Track Pathway

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How to complete the program

The CBAM Board Certification – Fast Track Pathway is designed to be completed within one year from the time of registration. This program consists of four components and two final steps . The components can be completed in any order or concurrently. However, all components must be completed before proceeding to the steps.


MCQ Exam

The majority of the questions of this online exam are based on the online lessons to which candidates get access after registration for the program. There are also questions that test the general knowledge of the candidates as well. When ready to take this exam, please request access by contacting us at centres@CBAMedicine.com

Live Virtual Review Workshops

These workshops cover topics such as Basic and Advanced Injectables and PRP. You can attend all the Live Virtual Review Workshops during your access period to the online materials. Please check our course calendar regularly to learn about the schedule of the workshops.


Patient Submission

Candidates are required to perform treatments on at least 20 patients and document the treatment process on the provided form. The patient reports must include the assessment and treatment plan, treatment administration documentation, follow-up treatment documents, management of complications (if applicable), and photos as indicated on the patient submission form.


Article Reviews

The candidates are required to choose three scholarly articles in the field of aesthetic medicine from our blog, read these articles and write a review and/or summary, and upload them on this form .


Step 1

Virtual Practical Assessment

The candidates are required to conduct a thorough assessment and treatment of one or more patient(s). This process will be supervised and evaluated by a faculty member or instructor assigned by CBAM. During this process, candidates may be asked questions or given further instructions to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

Step 2


This is the final requirement of the Canadian Board Certification Program. After completing all the components and the Virtual Practical Assessment, candidates are required to take this exam. The OSCE exam takes place every 1 to 2 months, and candidates are advised to reserve a spot in advance. Learn about the upcoming OSCE examinations by visiting the Course Calendar on our website regularly.

Upon successful completion of the program, a dedicated webpage will be created for you on the CBAM website. This page will be publicly accessible and searchable. To explore our directory of designated members, please click here.   

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CBAM Board Certified Members who obtain certification through the Fast Track Pathway will earn a Conference Ticket to the Canadian Aesthetics Congress 2024 or 2025 plus a visa invitation letter to facilitate the visa application process.

Upon the completion of the eligibility process, you can pay the deposit of 1,000 USD to register for the program and get started with the components. The remainder will be payable within two months from the registration date.

Regular Price: $ 3,999 USD

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