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In a competitive aesthetics market, it’s beneficial to seek additional training to enhance your credentials. Differentiating yourself from other practitioners can be achieved by expanding into specialized treatments. By completing Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty training, you will gain the necessary knowledge and practical skills to safely and effectively incorporate this treatment into your practice.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, also known as the “15-minute nose job or Liquid nose job” is an advanced technique using Botox and dermal Fillers to address nasal contour irregularities. With advancements in non-surgical methods and dermal filler products, the results achieved through Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty can now rival those of surgery, making it an ideal alternative for your patients.

For ambitious aesthetic practitioners, pursuing advanced courses is crucial for enhancing your reputation and attracting potential patients. Learning advanced treatments like Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping can be a valuable asset for your business, providing new revenue sources to fuel your growth.


  • Comparative analysis of surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques.
  • Understanding the nasal anatomy.
  • Familiarization with key facial angles.
  • Conducting rhinoplasty treatment on a live model provided by CBAM
  • Identifying indications and contraindications of non-surgical rhinoplasty.
  • Managing potential complications.
  • Reviewing before and after case studies.
  • Both needle and cannula.
  • Injection techniques.
  • Ideal candidates.

Faculty & Instructors


MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon


The instructors featured on this page individually lead specific courses, employing their unique teaching methodologies within their respective classes. As a result, not all instructors listed here are involved in every course.


1. Time-efficient: Completion of the training requires minimal time, with some treatments taking as little as 15 minutes.

2. Cost-effective: Compared to surgical alternatives, Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is significantly cheaper for correcting nasal irregularities.

3. Versatile: Allows for subtle changes or more pronounced reshaping and modeling of various nasal deformities.

4. Appeal to time-sensitive individuals: Ideal for those seeking a quick solution without the downtime associated with surgery, particularly for special occasions.

5. Long-lasting results: Results typically last between 12 and 18 months due to the static nature of the treated area.

6. Profitability: After training, offering Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty can be a lucrative addition to your practice. The recommended retail price for this advanced dermal filler procedure is approximately £500 per treatment. Considering the small amount of product required and the short treatment duration, this can result in a healthy profit margin.


Embark on a journey through the essential foundations of non-surgical rhinoplasty in our Didactics segment. Explore the intricacies of nasal anatomy, delve into the science of proportions and angles, and understand the criteria for identifying ideal candidates. This comprehensive module covers injection techniques with precision, ensuring participants gain a nuanced understanding of the art. Dive into insights on potential complications and learn effective management strategies. Elevate your expertise in non-surgical rhinoplasty through a holistic exploration of anatomy, technique, and risk management.

Live Demonstration

In this course segment, seasoned instructors showcase expertise in real-time through live demonstrations. Watch as theoretical concepts come to life, providing a direct link between classroom learning and real-world application. This engaging experience serves as a crucial bridge to the hands-on practical session, offering valuable insights and preparing participants for a comprehensive learning journey.

Hands-on Practical Sessions

During the hands-on practical portion of this course (One Day: 4 hours), students will go through the following:

● Anatomical Review of the Nose
● Assessment of the Nose
● Hands-on practice on live models (With Botox & Fillers procedures)

Throughout the practical portion of the course, students will have ample opportunities to practice on numerous live models while being supervised by expert instructors from CBAM. They will also be able to ask any questions they may have!

Certification of Completion

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Certificate Course