2023/06/02 09:00:00
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Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping:
Unlocking the Secrets of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

This comprehensive 4-hour MasterClass is exclusively for licensed healthcare professionals who are interested in enhancing their skills in non-surgical Rhinoplasty. The training covers innovative Non-surgical nose reshaping, a simple yet effective approach to profile modification. Additionally, attendees will gain knowledge on how to manage vascular complications and the Hyalase protocol.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Alexander Rivkin, attendees will have the opportunity to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice through hands-on training. Each student will perform the Non-surgical nose reshaping on live model, allowing them to hone their skills and gain practical experience in a controlled and supervised environment.

This masterclass offers an unparalleled learning experience, as attendees will have the opportunity to work directly with an experienced instructor and receive personalized feedback on their performance. The Non-surgical nose reshaping is designed to give attendees the confidence and skills they need to perform rhinomodelation procedures with ease.

Program Overview


Unveiling non-surgical rhinoplasty: An introduction to its concept and purpose.

The science of reshaping: An overview of scientific principles behind the procedure.

Patient selection: Identifying the ideal candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Training Content

Consultation process: Key insights into setting realistic patient expectations.

Understanding fillers: A look at fillers’ types, benefits, and risks.

Techniques of injection: Exploring precise and safe methods.

Pain management: Strategies for patient comfort and satisfaction.

Avoiding and managing complications: Discussing potential risks and solutions.

Post-treatment care: Guidelines for optimal patient recovery.

Real cases: A comparison of before and after results.

Hands-on demonstration and practice with the Non-surgical nose reshaping: An actual non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

Conclusion and Summary

The future of non-surgical rhinoplasty: A discussion on trends and future prospects.

Q&A: Addressing common questions and misconceptions.

Ethical practices: Importance of maintaining professional standards.

Building your practice: Tips from Dr. Rivkin on successful practice.

Continuous learning: Encouraging awareness of advancements in the field

Non-surgical nose reshaping

Hands-on Master Workshop

Regular price: $2,999 CAD + Tax
$2499 Until May 28


Please note that the capacity of each class is limited to 10 people.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Location: North York, ON