BCCNM board has approved revised scope of practice limits for nurse practitioners providing medical aesthetic services

Updated: June 30, 2022

The British Colombia College of Nurses & Midwifes (BCCNM) has recently approved new changes in the limits of scope of practice in aesthetic medicine for LPNs, RNs and NPs. These changes take effect from Aug 2, 2022 onwards.

Here is the summary of the new changes for NPs (Nurse Practitioners): (Source: BCCNM website) 

  • Will be req​uired to complete additional education
  • Only order or pr​ovide care in appropriate clinical settings that are suitable to safely perform the procedure and include the equipment and supplies necessary to manage emergency situations
  • U​se only products approved by Health Canada
  • Only provide or order medical aesthetic procedures for clients under the age of 19 for the treatment of acne or scarring
  • A​​s the ordering (or responsible) health professional, must be present within the facility and immediately available for consultation

>> Click here to see the full version of  new updates

This is an amazing news for NPs in BC to take an advantage of this opportunity to get into the lucrative and growing field of aesthetic medicine as soon as possible. They do not need to have a medical director onsite to order or administer the aesthetic procedures or treatments since they can be the main health professional to provide these services in their clinics or other professional settings.

CBAM (Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine) as one the leaders in aesthetic medicine education in Canadian market is proud to offer the most comprehensive aesthetic program in Canada. The program is called Board Certified Package which includes 11 courses and provides many online courses, virtual sessions and unlimited practice on patients for 6 months. This program is specifically designed for physicians and NPs. (Nurses will have a separate package which is called CAMP Certified Package).

>> Here is the details of Board Certified Package

We are proud to announce that hundreds of physicians and  NPs have taken this package and are currently practicing aesthetic medicine successfully in all cities in Canada.

Due to the new changes in BC, we have a limited promotion of $1000 discount for the package price for all the NPs in BC who register for this package on or before Aug 15th, 2022 midnight.

All the BC courses will be delivered in CBAM head office in West Canada (in North Vancouver).

Please note to register for the package, you are required to pay a $1500 deposit to get access to all the online materials (click here to see the list of online materials) and you will not pay the remaining of your payment until you start the hands-on part of your package. The remaining of your payment will be deducted $1000 if you pay the deposit on or before Aug 15, 2022.

Please also note, your 6 month period will only begin when you start the first in-class course, not the day you pay the deposit.

CBAM Board Classes

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