Neurotoxin Injection for Men with ”Tough Skin”

tough skin

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s. However, this tough skin is rather a phenomenon due to the difference in muscle mass. This varies between individuals as well as between male and female patients.
Injecting Botox for men can often be challenging for new injectors. This is due to the frequent difference in the dosage required to adjust to what is often described as “tough skin”.
Muscle bulk is an important aspect of teaching about neurotoxin injection for men. Focusing on this can help explain two important facts:
1. Some men may require a higher dose of toxin. 2. You may need to adjust your standard injection techniques when treating men.
Choose a needle that will work with a bigger muscle bulk. Using an Invisible needle doesn’t always quite get the needle deep enough into men’s glabella.
When treating men with a bigger syringe sometimes the toxin might spill onto the patient’s face.
If this happens don’t worry as It shouldn’t result in any complications as the spilled toxin is not absorbed. However, please, make sure you have an eye wash available if it spills into the eye.

In summary,

1. Make sure you have a solid understanding of facial anatomy and differences in muscle mass
2. Choose the right needle for your patient
3. Learn how to modify your injection technique when treating people with increased muscle mass.

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