Model Students Waiting List


Neurotoxin (Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®) :

First 20 units $4/unit and after $3/unit (in one session)

Units price are based on botox (from Allergan) or equivalent

Fillers (Stylage®, Teosyal®, Revanesse®):

Filler $150/syringe

PRP Treatments:


Mesotherapy Treatments:


Please fill out the form below to book your spot as a model:

    We will keep this record and add it to the waiting list. Please note we only serve the students for being a model as first come first serve base. There is no guarantee that we can serve all the students in each class and the priority is the models who have been booked for the course. We do not treat students after 3:30 pm.
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