Lip Tenting; The Latest Lip-Filler Trend

lip tenting

*Lip Tenting; The Latest Lip-Filler Trend *
Lip tenting is a lip-filling technique in which the Filler is injected almost vertically or perpendicularly into the lips from the outline. This is different from your standard lip injections, which tend to be injected horizontally. It is known to create a more natural-looking appearance, as it allows good control over the filling’s shape and volume. Also, Filler is injected in multiple smaller portions to prevent dislocation of the gel. Each stroke of Filler forms a “tent pole” in the lips while projecting the white roll, thus the name “tenting” was born. Injections can be placed with a needle or a cannula. Thinner hyaluronic-acid Fillers like Juvéderm Volbella will give a subtler plumping and smoothing effect, while thicker Fillers such as Juvéderm Ultra will add more obvious volume and hydration. This technique is best for those who want a fuller effect on their upper lip specifically or a more defined cupid’s bow. Compared to the traditional linear lip Filler, which focuses on volume enhancement, tenting tends to give a structural enhancement Also worth noting: it works best on lips that haven’t had other procedures, so it is recommended to get your patient’s Filler dissolved beforehand for best results.

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