Lip Filler common mistakes


Lip Filler common mistakes:
1. Lip enlargement for overly-filled lips
While oversize lips are the favorite look on Instagram, there is a fine line between enhancing a natural shape and appearing overdone. An overfilled pout can result in removing the natural curvatures of the lips and a stretched-smooth surface. This can make navigating the natural anatomy of the lips difficult for injectors.

2. Mimicking lips after inspiration photos
In today’s world, enhanced images on social media are a leading cause of desiring an unrealistic look. While “devil lips” or “octopus lips” and other Instagram trends may serve as inspiration, these shapes are challenging to achieve with Filler alone. Just as everyone’s skin is unique, so are everyone’s lips, and some inspirational looks cannot be replicated on everyone. Furthermore, pushing lips beyond their normal capacity is never a good idea because Filler can migrate above the lips or leave lips feeling firm and lumpy if they receive more Filler than they can handle.

3. Augmenting lips for a patient who doesn’t take care of their skin
Even the most perfect lips can look out of place if the rest of one’s skin isn’t properly cared for. This can lead to an uneasy, unbalanced appearance. To avoid such an appearance, the facial foundation should be re-contoured with Fillers, such as restoring sunken cheeks or dropping eye skin, and the lips should be enhanced.

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