Glabellar Lines Treatment

glabellar lines

3 common mistakes new injectors make when treating glabellar lines

Glabellar lines are wrinkles that look like “number 11” and are located in the glabella area. Botox is an effective treatment for these lines, but inexperienced injectors may make mistakes while treating their patients for the first time. Here are three common glabellar line injection mistakes made by new injectors:

1. Injecting too superiorly above the supraorbital rim, causing inferior frontalis fibers to be affected and causing medial brow ptosis. To avoid this, inject into the palpable muscle at its origin rather than into the lines or furrows caused by muscle action.

2. Injecting too laterally, at the lateral corrugator, resulting in lateral brow ptosis. To avoid this, consider toxin diffusion of approximately 1-1.5cm.

3. Injecting the lateral corrugator too deeply, causing lid ptosis. Avoid this by injecting superficially into the lateral corrugators.

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