Filler techniques for thin lips

filler techniques

1. To begin with, we must determine whether a patient qualifies for lip filler. A lot of the thin lips that we encounter in the clinic also lack support from the surrounding tissues.

2- Gender differences: It’s vital to keep in mind that males typically have thinner, more rectangular lips while treating male lip filler patients.
Your treatment strategy should, however, consider unique patient care.

3- injection methods
It’s crucial to inform the patient that thinner lips frequently require a few sessions to develop. Equally, smaller lips—particularly those with a lengthy upper lip length—might only be appropriate for tiny amounts of filler.
It’s vital to evaluate the vermillion border initially. We typically determine that a patient needs a little volume in the vermillion border first if they have several perioral lines and a broken vermillion border when pouting or blowing a kiss. However, this is rarely the case for younger patients, necessitating a cautious evaluation.
The lip body is next evaluated, and the last injections are made using linear retrograde threads (LRT) in a fanning manner in layers These are often arranged horizontally, but if we truly lack lip height, we can also use vertical LRT. Finally, some thinner lips can require philtral column support. If so, a very tiny volume can be added to help provide structure.

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