Graduated CAMP Certified Members


What is CAMP Certification - Fast Track Pathway?

The CBAM CAMP Certification – Fast Track Pathway is an exclusive program designed for established aesthetic nurse practitioners. It provides a comprehensive assessment of your expertise, paving the way for you to attain CBAM CAMP Certification through a relatively Fast process.


  •  Aesthetic CAMP Certification by CBAM
  •  Designated Page on the CBAM website 
  •  Wall Certificate
  •  Credibility and More Exposure by patients and colleagues

The Pathway for Experienced Aesthetic Nurses


  • Nursing Degree
  • Minimum of 3 years of practice in Aesthetic Medicine field (common aesthetic procedures)
  • Previous Certification in: Injectables, PRP, Laser

If you lack certification in any (or all) of these courses, you can enroll in CBAM’s interactive online courses to fulfill these requirements.

Procedure to follow:

  • Submit Your Documents
  • Eligibility Assessment (Free of charge)
  • Registration & Payment (If Eligible!)
  • Complete the Components and Steps:

– Components ( To be completed before proceeding to the Steps)

  • MCQ Exam
  • Live Virtual Review Workshops
  • Patient Submission
  • Article Reviews

–  Steps ( To be completed after the Program Components):

  1. Virtual Practical Assessment
  2. OSCE examination
  • Become CBAM CAMP Certified!

CBAM CAMP Certification in Aesthetic Medicine

(for Experienced Aesthetic Nurses)
$3,000 CAD

CBAM CAMP Certified Members who obtain certification through the Fast Track Pathway will earn a Conference Ticket to the Canadian Aesthetics Congress 2024 or 2025 plus a visa invitation letter to facilitate the visa application process.

Accreditation for CBAM CAMP Certification - Fast Track Pathway


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