What is the difference between Practice Days and Semi-Private Practice Sessions?

Practice Day
(Practice on CBAM models)

We have multiple days which are assigned for injectables practice on live models. The students who are registered for the appropriate package that includes these practice days are free to attend all these days or the number of days defined based on their package for the period of the package. We constantly add new practice days if the previous ones get full rapidly.

We provide all the models, supplies and products during the Practice Days and students do not have to provide models

Semi-private Practice Day

Practice on your own models in our centres
(optional for the students who need even more practice)

Please read the details and policies of the Semi-private practice sessions here

The Semi-private Practice Days are designed to provide an opportunity for the students who need even more practice after attending the Practice Days. On Semi-private Practice Days, CBAM will provide stations, a medical director, an instructor and all the products and supplies. The students will book their own patients and work on the patients one-on-one without sharing their patients with other students.

The models will pay for their own treatment based on our discounted price.

We provide the location, instructor, medical director, and all the supplies and products during the Semi-private Practice Days. The students need to provide their own models

Note: Practice Days and Semi-private Practice Days are only available for students who have registered for the packages which include these services.

Calendar of upcoming Practice Days and Semi-private Practice Days in all cities

Policies for booking Practice days:

  1. You can not take any Practice Days (basic or advanced or semi-private) unless you complete the 2-day basic injectable course.
  2. If you book for a Practice Day and do not attend for that date and do not cancel with proper notice due to unforeseen situations, you are not allowed to book for any Practice Days in the same city for the next 2 consecutive Practice Day dates. (Please note that we will arrange the instructors and number of models based on the number of participants and it is crucial for us that you attend the dates that you have booked)
  3. You are not allowed to book more than 2 Practice Days at the same time. When you have completed each Practice Day, then you are allowed to book another date right away. If for any reason due to technical issues, the system will allow you to book more than 2 Practice Days at the same time, we can not guarantee your spots for all of them. We have the right to cancel any of them and keep a maximum of 2 dates at a time.
  4. We constantly add more dates of courses and practice days to our calendars. But we fill up the spots based on our limits in each class. As a result, we book the students on a first come first serve base. We recommend you book your spots for courses at least 3-4 weeks in advance if your schedule is not flexible.
  5.  When you attend practice, you either work on CBAM models (Practice days) or your own models (Semi-private practice days) under the supervision of our expert instructors. We provide all the models (for Practice days), supplies and products, the location, and the medical director and instructors. For Semi-private practice days, we provide supplies and products, the location, the medical director and instructors, however, the models have to be provided by the student. The practice days and semi-private practice days are offered to the students based on the availability of the sessions in each city.
  6. The models attending each practice day are treated only based on their conditions and we can not guarantee any specific indication or treatment to be provided during the practice days. If the students need to practice more for a specific indication, they are able to book their models for those conditions during the semi-private sessions and treat them privately under the supervision of our instructors.
  7. Please note that if you book for any of the practical sessions of PRP, Laser training or Sclerotherapy courses and cancel within 7 days from the date of the course or if you do not show up for the course with no acceptable reason (such as health issues or family emergency situations, …), we reserve the right not to allow you to take these courses anymore under your package. Therefore, please make sure to check your availability before booking any practical courses.
  8. International medical graduates (IMGs) might not be eligible to practice in certain provinces based on the regulations of that province. CBAM may not guarantee to provide the sessions for IMGs in all cities if the regulations do not allow it.  In this case, the student is welcome to book the sessions in other cities based on the availability of the sessions. There is no partial refund offered if there are limitations to providing practice in certain cities.