Mentorship & Shadowing Instructors

CBAM Mentorship & Shadowing Program

Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine is excited to introduce brand new Mentoring and Shadowing program. Students will be able to have a total of 5 days shadowing and mentoring opportunity with one of our instructors at their clinics (between 4 to 6 hours per day). The program allows student to shadow instructor’s patients that includes reception, patient interview, health history and consent process, patient evaluation, treatment plan, treatment administration and post-treatment instructions discussed with the patient. If you bring your own patients, you also have the chance to practice on them under the supervision. Please note the patients whom are introduced by you to the instructor receive the discounted rate for the services. The students need to arrange with their own mentors regarding their patients in terms of schedule and also their fees.

(Instructors usually devote 4 days for shadowing and 1 day for the students to practice on their own models)

Each instructor can have up to 3 students in each session.  

The total fee for the Mentoring and Shadowing Program is $2000+tax, and is only available for students who have completed CBAM basic, advanced injectable and PRP, mesotherapy and microneedling courses.

Units price are based on botox (from Allergan) or equivalent

Dr. Reza Akef

138 Steeles Ave E,

Thornhill, ON L3T 1A4


3621 Hwy 7 Suite 206,

Markham, ON L3R 0G6


Sylvia Dodd

Guelph Medical Laser 

89 Dawson Road. Suite 209

Guelph. Ontario 

Amira Gindi

7381 Kennedy Road, #8

Markham, Ontario


Honey Akef

Markham location 

3621 Hwy 7,

Markham L3R 0G6


Vaughan location 

9306 Bathurst St,

Maple, L6A 4N9