IV Nutrition Infusion Therapy (IVIT)

IV Nutrition Infusion Therapy (IVIT)

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In order to utilize this course’s certificate to practice Aesthetic Medicine in your region you need to follow the requirements of your local Health Authority.

Program Overview

IV (Intravenous) nutrient infusion therapy is a method of delivering solutions of vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream with infusions. The demand for this therapy for cosmetic purposes has been increasing over the years. Online IV Nutrition Infusion Therapy is a comprehensive course designed for beginners in the field of aesthetic medicine or for professionals who are willing to add this service to their current list of acquista winstrol procedures. In this course, you will get introduced to the most common vitamin and mineral “cocktails” available for cosmetic purposes. We will provide a full understanding of intravenous nutrition therapy as well as how to administer safely for your client in order to receive the most effective results.


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IV Nutrition Therapy

Learning Objectives

  • Basics of Nutrients

  • Nutrients effects, benefits and side effects

  • Common IV Cocktails

  • Administration of Cocktails

  • Indications and Contraindications

  • Pre- and Post-treatment Instructions

  • IV Nutrition Complications

  • Complications Management

New lessons will be added to this course, including more detailed information about the common IV packages, their doses, and also how to add IV hydrotherapy and nutrition therapy to your current practice.

Part 1: Online Lessons

Course Content

Basics of Nutrients – Lesson 1 PREVIEW
Basics of Nutrients – Lesson 2
Common Nutritional Cocktails
IV Infusion Therapy (IVIT) – By: Färsk Health/CBAM
IV Nutrition Administration – By: Färsk Health/CBAM
IV Nutrition Cocktails
IV Therapy in Chronic Pain Management

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Dr. Amita Sachdev

Dr. Amita Sachdev

Honey Akef

Honey Akef

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What is IV Nutrition Therapy?

IV (intravenous) nutrient infusion therapy is a method of delivering solutions of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream with infusions.

Who Can take this course?

This course is designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dentists, pharmacists (who have injection rights), practical nurses, and international medical doctors and nurses.

What is the course outline?

This course is delivered fully online and it includes the following:


  1. Basics of nutrients, their effects, benefits and side effects
  2. Common cocktails in the market and how to implement them 
  3. Administration of IV drip therapy
  4. Patient consultation and management

What are the payment options?

You can either pay the full amount or go with the partial financing options (low interest with affordable monthly payments).

Does this course come with certification?

Yes! By completing this course (After passing the exam, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

What are the steps of completing this course?

Step 1: Complete the online course

Step 2: Receive your certificate

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