International Centres: Board Certified Program (Step 3)

CBAM’s Board Certified Program (Step 3)
A Road to Aesthetic Designations
(In designated CBAM regional centres)

Part 1: In-class portion

The applicants will attend a 3 day comprehensive aesthetic program in one of the regional centres. Only the graduates who have successfully completed Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (Step 1 and 2) are eligible to attend this 3-day course.

There are 5 modules (half a day for each module) covered during this program. The modules are included lecture reviews, live demonstrations and case discussion stations.


  • Day 1 – morning: Anatomy module
  • Day 1 – afternoon: Injectables module

  • Day 2 – morning: Complications module
  • Day 2 – afternoon: Cosmetic dermatology module

  • Day 3 – morning: LASER and EBD module
  • Day 3 – afternoon: Networking with the industry


Available Step 3 dates and locations:


December 12, 13 and 14, 2021


February 05, 06 and 07, 2022


June 06, 07 and 08, 2022

July 07, 08 and 09, 2022

Monaco City
September 19, 20 and 21,

Part 2: Board Certification examination

This exam includes 4 rooms conducted by CBAM faculty head office for all the approved applicants. Here is the list of rooms:

  • Injectables room
  • Anatomy room
  • Laser room
  • Cosmetic dermatology room

In each room, the faculty will discuss some cases with the applicants. The applicant will receive a mark based on their performance in each room.

After passing this step, the applicant will be awarded the designation of Board Certified in Aesthetic medicine and their name will be on a page on CBAM website and can be searched by colleagues and patients. (see a sample of this page).

Here is also a sample of certificate of Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine.

Price for Step 3: $3999 USD

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