2-Day Comprehensive Master Injector Program: Advanced filler and botox

What you will learn in this course?

Advanced botox treatments:

☑ Gummy smile

☑ Smoker’s line

☑ Masseter reduction

☑ Peri-oral and DAO

☑ Platysma

☑ Migraine headache management 

☑ Hyperhydrosis

Advanced Filler Treatments:

☑ Canula techniques

Midface, cheek and nasolabial fold

☑ Soft non-surgical face lift

☑ Periorbital treatments

☑ Tear trough

☑ Peri-oral and chin

☑ Lip augmentation

☑ Jawline contouring

Client management:

☑ Patient evaluation

☑ Treatment plan

☑ Consent form processing

☑ Charting and documentation

☑ Post-treatment instructions

☑ Manage patient questions

2-Day Comprehensive Master Injector program: Advanced filler and botox

The 2-Day Comprehensive Master Injector Program: Advanced filler and botox has the same course outline as the 3-Day Master Injector Program, but is completed in the span of 2 longer days.

Why should you take this course? 

The 2-Day Comprehensive Master Injector Program is designed for injectors who would like to perform more advanced treatments in injectables or they would like to have a chance for more supervised practice on live models. This course was originally designed for the graduates of the 2-day CBAM Certificate program who wish to have a chance to learn more advanced treatments and/or to have more hands-on experience. Later, this course became so popular among the graduates of other institutes who had learned the basic botox and filler treatments and needed more confidence in treating their patients. Therefore, this course is now offered to both CBAM and non-CBAM graduates. 

This course is combined of the theory section which focuses on advanced neurotoxin and filler treatments and hands-on practicum to practice on the live models.

The botox part of the course includes the on-label treatments of botox for forehead and upper face area as well as the off-label treatments such as Masseter reduction, Gummy smile, Platysma and Smoker’s line. Also in the botox part of the course, tension headache, migraine prophylaxis and hyperhydrosis are covered and practiced.

The filler part of the course will teach you how to apply canula techniques for midface and cheek areas. Also other advanced filler techniques such as soft non-surgical face lift, Periorbital and tear trough management, Perioral and Marionette lines management, lip augmentation, chin and Jawline contouring are a part of this course.

Each day starts with the theory part which includes the review of anatomy in each area, the techniques review, the live demonstration on models and it is followed by the students’ practice on live models under the supervision of our expert physicians and injectors.

By completing this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the course.

To learn more about this course, see the 5-Day Board Certified Package.

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