Clinic Days: Botox, Filler, PRP and Mesotherspy

Clinic Days: Botox, Filler, PRP and Mesotherspy

The Clinic Days are designed to provide an opportunity for the students who need even more practice after attending the Practice Days. On Clinic Days, CBAM will provide stations, medical director, instructor and all the products and supplies. The students will book their own patients and work on the patients one-on-one without sharing their patients with other students.

The students can provide the following services for patients: 

  • Botox® and Fillers (basic and advanced indications except nose)
  • PRP and Mesotherapy

The models will pay for their own treatment based on our discounted price. (click here to see the models price)

In Clinic Days:

  • You provide your own models, we provide medical director, station, instructor and all the tools, supplies and products.


  • You treat your own patient under the supervision of CBAM instructors without sharing with other students

How it works?

Eligibility criteria: 

  1. The registrant has completed the CBAM 2-day Basic injectable program (or equivalent)
  2. The registrant has completed the online Advanced Injectable course. (here are the lessons)
  3. The registrant has completed at least one Practice day, in any of the CBAM centres.
  4. You have your own patient who would like to be treated by you (under the supervision of CBAM advanced instructor)

What happens in Clinic Days?

The student will book their patient (model) on a specific time during one of the Clinic Days and will attend at the same time in CBAM centre. All the facility including station, supplies and products, medical director and supervising instructor will be provided by CBAM. The patients are booked for the time intervals of one hour. During this one hour, the student will consult, assess and treat the patient under the direct supervision of CBAM advanced instructor.

What is the difference between “Practice Day” and “Clinic Day”?

  1. In Practice days, all patients (models) are booked by CBAM, but in Clinic Days, the models are booked by the students.
  2. In Practice days, models are treated in a station with 4-5 students who share the model for consultation, assessment or treatment in order. But in Clinic Days, the whole process of consultation, assessment and treatment will be performed by one student who has booked the patient. Other students are welcome to attend the Clinic Days to observe the process even if they do not have their own patients (limited spots for observation).
  3. In Practice Days, the student is required to attend the class for the whole length of the day. But in Clinic Day, the student is able to come only for one hour, the time that his/her patient is in the station.

What is the payment for models?

Here is the current price list for models who are treated during the Clinic Days:

  • Neurotoxin (Botox®, Dysport®, Nuceiva®, and Xeomin®): $4.50 per unit plus tax
  • Fillers (Stylage®, Teosyal®, Revanesse® or Saypha®): $275 per syringe of filler plus tax
  • PRP: $199 per treatment plus tax
  • Mesotherapy: $199 per treatment plus tax

Who is able to book for Clinic Days?

  • The students who have registered for a package (Board Certified or CAMP Certified), will have access to all the Clinic Days in all cities. They are also able to repeat the Clinic Days as much as they want, as long as they are within their package period. See the calendar of courses
  • Only the students who have completed 2-day basic injectables course plus have attended at least one Practice Day are allowed to book their patients for Clinic Days.

Is there any charge for this service?

At this point, this service is free of charge for all the students who are registered as one of the CBAM Packages (Board Certified or CAMP Certified Packages). The discounted payment is required by patient for the service they have received (Neurotoxin: $4.5 per unit, Fillers: $275 per filler – Plus tax, PRP: $199 per treatment and Mesotherapy: $199 per treatment).

How to book a spot for you and your model:

Step 1: Please share this link with your model (patient) and ask them to book their own spot:

Step 2: Ask your model to select the city as “Toronto Course (Students only)”.

book your spot

Step 3: Ask your model to choose one of the available spots in the calendar.

Step 4: In the box says “Referred By”, they have to type your name (and preferably your email address). Please note that your model must pay a $50 deposit to be able to book their spot.

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Step 5: After the booking is completed, they will receive a confirmation email. In addition, we will also send you a confirmation of date and time of your Clinic day.

Upcoming Clinic Days

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Option 1

If you are registered as one of the CBAM packages, this course is included in your package free of charge for the length of your package (6 months or 1 year)

CBAM Course Packages:

  • Board Certified package (for doctors and NPs) learn more
  • CAMP Certified package (for nurses) learn more

Option 2

If you have completed basic injectable course in another institute and would like to take this course without any other CBAM packages, you can purchase this course alone.