CBAM’s Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine – Indonesia

CBAM’s Diploma Program in Aesthetic Medicine (Indonesia Centre)
A Road to Aesthetic Designations

CBAM Authorized Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia


About Lembaga Estetika Medik

Aesthetic Skin Care Training Center Jakarta, Indonesia. Skin Care Specialist Course for medical based practitioners

Training and course in skin care for medical doctors and general public, which combine medical knowledge with artistic skin care. This training can be joined by medical doctors and general public who want to learn and practice basic to proficient skin beauty knowledge, how to use beauty equiptment, as well as basic knowledge of cream formula, anti aging and others. Participants who take the full course will receive a certificate.

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Diploma Program in Aesthetic Medicine 

Step 1 and 2
(Jakarta, Indonesia Centre)

Part 1: Online and Virtual sections

There are 8 courses which are delivered in this section. As soon as you register for the package and pay the deposit, you will get access to the materials.

Note: Your access to the online materials will remain until 6 months after the completion of Step 1 or 3 months after the completion of Step 3 exams (if you have registered for all 3 steps)

In addition you will get access to all ongoing Virtual aesthetic discussion panels. (see the page here)

Part 2: Local In-class Practical Courses

This includes the in-class hands-on section of our courses which lasts for 4 days and is held in the city you are based in or a nearby city in your country. During these 4 day practical courses, the following topics will be reviewed:

  • Basic Aesthetic Injectables: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021
  • Advanced Aesthetic Injectables: Thursday, December 2nd, 2021
  • PRP, Mesotherapy and Microneedling: Friday, December 3rd, 2021
  • Laser Treatments: Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Part 3: Complete online MCQ comprehensive exam

The questions in this exam include all the materials which are taught in online and also during in-class programs plus some questions from the CBAM virtual aesthetic discussion panels (see the courses here)

After the successful completion of this exam, the applicants will be eligible to start Step 2 (Advanced Fellowship) in the designated centres.

Advanced Aesthetic Fellowship Program

As soon as you complete the step 1 and perform the Comprehensive MCQ exam, you are qualified to apply for the Advanced Fellowship program in one of the centres in your city or a nearby city in your country. As soon as you arrange with the faculty, you can start your fellowship.

There is 1 activity in this step:

Supervised Advanced Fellowship

Length: 30 hours

March 1st to March 5th, 2022

During this 30 hours of small group fellowship, the practitioners will gain more experience in the field by visiting more number of patients. This 30 hour fellowship program is a necessary step in the process of Board Certification in order to prove the graduates have adequate hands-on experience and skills in aesthetic field.

After completion of these 2 activities, your faculty(ies) will sign your evaluation sheet and submit to the CBAM head office.

At this point, the graduates will receive a certificate as Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (The Diploma certificate is an online certificate. In case of students’ desire to receive the hard copy of the Diploma certificate, an extra fee will be applicable). At this stage, the name of the applicant will not appear on CBAM website, unless completing the Step 3 as well.

Step 1 and 2
Diploma Certificate

Indonesia Centre Address: Lembaga Estetika Medik jln tebet Raya 26a
Jakarta selatan Indonesia 12810
Tel: +6221-83709929 ext. 103
Indonesia Centre

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    Upcoming Step 3 Dates and Locations:


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