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Program Overview

The CBAM Shadowing Program provides a unique opportunity for students to gain practical experience in a real-life aesthetic clinic setting. This program is designed for students who have completed or are in the process of completing the Board or CAMP-certified packages offered by CBAM.

As part of the CBAM packages (Board or CAMP certified), students have the chance to practice on a variety of models and learn consultation and injection techniques. The CBAM packages provide students with hands-on learning opportunities through practical sessions with patient models. This allows students to develop their consultation and injection techniques. However, the CBAM packages (Board or CAMP certified) do not offer the invaluable experience of working with real patients in a real-life setting.

In the CBAM Shadowing program, under the guidance of experienced instructors, students will have the chance to observe and participate in the day-to-day operations of a professional aesthetic practice and also the opportunity to develop their professional skills in negotiations, patient consultations, and treatment package creation. By observing and assisting an expert instructor, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in providing high-quality aesthetic treatments tailored to individual patient needs and budgets.

To enroll in the CBAM Shadowing Program, please select an instructor who accepts shadowing students and inform us of your choice. Our team will then verify the instructor’s availability and assist with the registration and program arrangements.


Expert-led training


Hands-on Practice


Completed or are about to complete CBAM Board/CAMP certified package


Choose an instructor who participates in the shadowing program


Register in the program


Arrange the timing with the instructor directly and complete your shadowing program

Program Outline:

  • Experience real life aesthetic clinic with expert instructors

  • Learn practical tips and tricks in daily clinic routine

  • Opportunity to participate in patient consultations and package creation

  • Shadow expert instructors in their private day-to-day practice

  • Enhance your treatment and injection techniques

How To Register?

Regular price: $3000 CAD + tax

Instructors Currently Participate In Shaddowing Program

Honey Akef (Circle)
Advanced Aesthetic Nurse


Amira Gindi (Circle)



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