CBAM Mentorship Program

In CBAM, we understand the challenges that our new graduates have, in terms of finding a job in the field. Therefore, we will help our graduates to start working almost immediately after completion of the 3-day Advanced Injector program

Advantages of CBAM Mentorship Program: 

When you start the Mentorship program in CBAM, your position is ready. You can book your own patients and inject them in our location, with our wholesale priced products, with the immediate access to the Medical director under the direct supervision of your mentor. This way you start receiving income almost immediately. 

You will have a chance to inject lots of patients and improve your resume for finding other positions in the field. We give you access to the pool of clinics who have job opportunities for injectors.  

To join our Mentorship program, please contact us at or call us at 1-866-430-8677.

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