Fast Track Board Certification Program
(Available Only for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons)

This pathway is specifically designed for Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons from all over the world who wish to become a board certified practitioner from the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM).

In this pathway, the CBAM head office verifies the educational background and expertise of the potential applicant in order to confirm their eligibility to start the Fast Track Board Certification Process. If the verification is completed successfully, the applicant can register for this program.

If you are not a dermatologist or plastic surgeon and you would like to apply for the CBAM International Board Certification Program, please click here

How to Complete Fast Track Board Certification Program:

Part 1: Submitting Patients

In the first part of the program, students must practice on 20 patients for combinations of therapies in their own clinics and and report the process of therapy on each patient, from diagnosis to treatment, on the form provided.

All the 20 patients must have been directly treated and followed up by the applicant.

Each submitted patient must have the following documents:
– assessment and treatment plan
– treatment administration documentation
– follow-up treatment documents and management of complications (if applicable)
– photos
▪️ before treatment
▪️ Immediately after treatment (only for dermal filler treatments or if there is a development of immediate complications)
▪️ Follow-up treatment(s)

Submitting Patients

Part 2: Articles Review

Students are supposed to choose from a list of articles provided (currently 120+ articles), read and write a review and/or summary on three scholarly articles in the field of aesthetic medicine.

The article reviews must be submitted on the form provided. click here to see the form

Article Review

Part 3: Board Certification OSCE examination

The Board Certification OSCE examination is held for students who have completed the first two parts of the Fast Track Board Certification Program (submitting patients and articles review) and are ready to receive the Board Certification designation. The Board Certification exam takes place every 1 to 2 months and students are supposed to reserve a spot in advance.
This exam includes 4 rooms conducted virtually by CBAM faculty head office for all the approved applicants. Here is the list of rooms:

  • Injectables room
  • Anatomy room
  • Laser room
  • Cosmetic dermatology room
Board Examination

In each room, the faculty will discuss some cases with the applicants. The applicant will receive a mark based on their performance in each room. In order to pass the exam, the applicant is required to receive at least 75% overall for all 4 rooms and also a minimum mark of 70% for each individual room. If the applicant fails the exam (in case the overall mark is less than 75% or the mark of either of the rooms is less than 70%), the whole exam needs to be repeated and there is an additional fee for retaking the exam..

After passing this step, the applicant will be awarded the designation of Board Certified in Aesthetic medicine and their name will be on a page on CBAM website and can be searched by colleagues and patients. (see a sample of this page).

Here is also a sample of certificate of Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine.

For more information about CBAM Packages, contact us at 1-866-430-8677 or email us at

In case you are a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon:

You may be eligible to apply for the Fast Track Board Certification process.

The fee for the whole process (including OSCE examination): $3000 USD

Please note that your eligibility to register for this program needs be confirmed through the documents you provide in the application form. If you are ready to apply, please click here. If your documents are approved, you will receive a link to provide the payment for the fast track process to complete your registration.


Internationa Accreditation

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