CBAM’s Board Certified Package

CBAM's Board Certified Package

The ultimate solution of aesthetic medicine education

(For Physicians)

*Nurse practitioners can select either Board certified or CAMP certified examinations.

Aesthetic Medicine Education

The Board Certified Package is the ultimate bundle to enhance your skills in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. With access to all courses offered under this package and having multiple repeats within 1 year (starting from the first in-class course date of your choice), this package will allow all certified practitioners and professionals become familiar with the different streams available in the industry.

Who can register for this package?

The package is designed for nurses Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in North America who would like to get into the field or expand their knowledge of aesthetic medicine.

If you are a licensed Canadian or US registered nurse, registered practical nurse, or licensed practical nurse, click here

If you are an international physician, click here

Upcoming Step 3 Board Certified Examination (For doctors)

Sunday, September 13, 2020 (1 pm to 4 pm)

4 Live Virtual Rooms (OSCE) (Injectables, Laser, Dermatology and Anatomy)

All qualified participants must complete the online step 3 multiple choice exam on or before Sep 12, 2020

Check Eligibility and Book Your Spot

Eligibility Criteria to take the Step 3 Board Certified examination:

  1. You have successfully completed (or will complete) CBAM Step 1 and Step 2 online exam on or before Sep 7, 2020
  2. You have successfully completed (or will complete) CBAM Step 3 online multiple choice exam on or before Sep 12, 2020

To check the Designation roadmap, click here

Please note:

  • You must submit 25 aesthetic patients’ files who have been treated by you before you receive your conditional designation. Submit patients here

If you are eligible, please fill out the form below to book your spot. The admin team will check your eligibility and contact you. Please note there are 12 exam spots for Sep 13, 2020 virtual OSCE exam and the spots are filled on a first come, first serve base.

Step 3 Exam Registration- Sep 13

In-class Course Calendar

With Board Certified Package, you are able to take all these courses and repeat them for one year

See the Online lessons

With Board Certified Package, you will have access for one year

Courses Included in the Board Certified Package:

You complete the courses of this package in 3 Steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3: Board Certified Examination

  • Theory MCQ Exam
  • Practical OSCE exam


This activity is approved for 50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™.  This activity is eligible for ANCC credit.

Click here to see more details.

Package Benefits

The package provides countless opportunities to learn the theory, practice hands-on injections, meet other healthcare professionals, work with clients, and expand the community of aesthetic medicine practitioners. In our school of aesthetic continuing education, with the Board Certified package we offer a comprehensive program of aesthetic medicine courses.

1 You can attend the Practice Days (Basic or Advanced) in all cities within your one year period as much as you want. These are the days you practice on models under supervision from 9 am to 4 pm (no extra charge). We provide all the models and products.

See the list of upcoming Practice Days

2  You will receive the individual Certificate of Completion for all the courses that you complete.

Your name here

3 After completion of all 3 steps you will receive the Designation Certificate (Board Certified Physician). See the sample below:

4  You will be upgraded to the Premium Membership (Value: $350), valid for 1 year. See the benefits

5  After receiving your designation, you will be awarded one full page under CBAM website with your name and credentials. This page is search engine friendly. As a result, it will help you promote yourself. When the prospect clients find you on the web, they will be informed about your designation in aesthetic medicine. See a sample page

6  As a part of this package, you will have access to all the Virtual CME courses either live or recorded versions for a period of one year, free of charge. Learn more

What Our Students say?

Why CBAM is the best option in aesthetic medicine education? 

  • Icon

    There is something for everyone

    Either you are a physician or a nurse; beginner, intermediate or advanced, CBAM has some educational activities that you would benefit from and truly enjoy !!!

  • Icon

    All the instructors are the best in their field

    All CBAM instructors, either nurses or physicians are highly experienced and skilled in the field and are open to share their knowledge with all CBAM family members

  • Icon

    Everyone is treated like a family

    We truly believe all our members and students are a part of CBAM family. It is our goal that all the family members become highly successful in their career. We will be with you all the way for the years coming, even after you finish your package with us.

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    We surprise our students with the number of models available for them

    Every Practice Day you will see a line up of models that you can treat under the supervision of skilled instructors. We are full of surprises and we love to surprise our students !!!!

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    We have a great solution for having lots of practice on live models

    After you complete the courses and learn the basic knowledge, we want you to practice, practice and practice !!!!. We believe our students are the best in the market because we provide countless number of practice hours on live models.

  • Icone

    We provide amazing packages

    The beauty of our education is that you pay one affordable flat fee and get access to everything, all courses plus countless Practice Days in any city you want.

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    We are fully accredited

    We have gone through the toughest processes to make sure our education quality is the best.

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    We are the centre of networking

    If you are a nurse and look for a medical director, or a doctor who wants to expand their team of nurses, or looking for companies to order the best products from, we connect everyone to everyone.

Board Certified Package is now offered in multiple cities

All courses with refreshment for one year in any of the following cities


CBAM Courses in Toronto


CBAM Courses in Ottawa


CBAM Courses in Calgary


CBAM Courses in Vancouver

Upcoming Practice Dates

If you are a Board Certified or CAMP Certified package student (also former Elite package) and you are still within your one year period of package, you can book for any of the below practice days free of charge.

Policies for booking Practice days:

  1. You can not take any Practice Days (basic or advanced) unless you complete the 2-day basic injectable course.
  2. If you book for a Practice Day and do not attend for that date and do not cancel with a proper notice due to unforeseen situations, you are not allowed to book for any Practice Days in the same city for the next 2 consecutive Practice Day dates. (Please note that we will arrange the instructors and number of models based on the number of participants and it is crucial for us that you attend the dates that you have booked)
  3. You are not allowed to book more than 2 Practice Days at the same time. When you have completed each Practice Day, then you are allowed to book another date right away. If for any reasons due to technical issues, the system will allow you to book more than 2 Practice Days at the same time, we can not guarantee your spots for all of them. We have the right to cancel any of them and keep maximum 2 dates at a time.
  4. We constantly add more dates of courses and practice days to our calendar. But we fill up the spots based on our limits in each class. As a result, we book the students on a first come first serve base. We recommend you to book your spots for courses at least 3-4 weeks in advanced if your schedule is not flexible.

In-class Course Calendar

With Board Certified Package, you are able to take all these courses and repeat them for one year

See the Online lessons

With Board Certified Package, you will have access for one year

Price for Physicians (nurses click here)

Total value: $13,350

Regular Price: $8000

(For one year repeat of courses)

(you pay only $1500 to start)*

*All payments are plus 13% HST tax

Pay the first payment and join the CBAM family

Payment Options for Board Certified Package

(8 Courses in total – One year* access to the online platform – One year time for multiple refreshment for all in-class courses)

*One year period starts from the date of your first in-class course (not from the date of payment)

  • First payment (deposit): $1500 (get instant access to all the online materials see details) Pay the first payment and join the CBAM family
  • Second payment: $2500 (on or before the date of the first physical class)
  • Third payment: $2500 (maximum one month after the 2nd payment)
  • Forth payment: $2000 (maximum one month after the 3rd payment)

Total: $8500 plus tax*

*If you pay in full at the time of second payment, you save another $500 and your payment will be $8000

Add 2 Popular Courses to This Package

By adding these 2 courses, you will have access to the total of 10 courses (formerly called “Elite Package”).

Price to add: $1500 (plus tax)

* There is no deadline for adding these 2 courses. You can even add this after the one year period of Board certified package.

** There is no multiple complimentary refreshments available for the Facial anatomy cadaver lab course.

*** Former Elite package students will have access to all 10 courses until their one year package is expired. They do not require to pay any extra fees.


Yes. We are totally serious about this. We have designed this package to make sure that we can provide a high quality affordable educational service for every single practitioner who wants to get into the aesthetic field. This is suitable for doctors, for nurse practitioners, for nurses (RNs), for practical nurses (RPNs) and for Respiratory therapists (RTs).

If for any reason you did not take any of the listed courses on this page within one year, you can still take it after one year. You are entitled for it. However, if you want to take any course for the 2nd time or more, your deadline is one year. After one year, you can not come back for the refreshments. The fee for keeping the refreshment option for the following years is 50% of the original Board Certified package value (if you decided to continue coming back for refreshments of practical courses for the following years).

Short answer to this question is No. However, this package covers majority of the courses you need as a beginner to start getting into the field of aesthetic.

Under Board Certified package, all the 8 courses are included and you do not need to pay for any of them individually (either for the first time or for the refreshment). This includes access to all the online materials (click here to see) and also in-class portion of the courses. These 8 courses include:

Certification course (Basic basic botox and filler) + Advanced injector program (Advanced botox and filler) + PRP, mesot herapy and microneedling course + Business and marketing for aesthetics + Skin treatments and chemical peeling + Laser certification + Sclerotherapy course + Cosmetic dermatology course

Some other courses such as IV nutrition infusion therapy, Facial anatomy cadaver lab, Advanced non-surgical rhinoplasty, Advanced forehead and temple rejuvenation with Filler, Belkyra® (Kybella®) Workshop, and Sculptra® Workshop are offered individually or under other packages.

We understand the Board Certified package might be a big commitment for beginners. We have a great solution for this.

You can start with any of the courses individually. This will give you the chance to taste the quality of our courses. Later, if you decided to upgrade to the Board Certified package, you only pay the difference. You may take any of the courses you want individually except the Advanced injector program. You can only take this course if you have already completed the basic injectable course and have injected at least 10 patients.

Yes. Of course. Our classes are famous for being very hands-on. We always manage to bring models as much as the time allows us in all classes (Basic and advanced injectables, PRP, mesotherapy and microneedling, Skin basics and chemical peel and IV nutrition therapy). All our students are also welcome to become a model themselves if they want to receive the services with a highly discounted price or if they really want to feel the treatment as a client. All the models and products fees are included in the price and the students do not have to pay for anything, unless they want voluntarily to receive a treatment as a client.

Don’t forget. You can always come back and practice more if you wish. You can have a refresher course for one year free of charge. 

After you have registered as a Board Certified package, you can select any courses under this package in any city which is offered. When you login into the CBAM website, the price of the courses will become automatically zero and you can “purchase” them for free and book your spot. We highly recommend that you book your spot in the course as soon as you decided about it. If you inform us about your decision too close to the date of the course, we can not guarantee a spot for you if the course is too busy. In this case, you have to select the following date of that course.

We try our best to have most of our courses at least once per month or once every 2 months in the head office (Toronto branch). We might have some of the courses in other centers in Canada every 2 to 4 months. Please note we do not offer Elite package in our international centers.

Our Facial anatomy cadaver lab course is required a lot of preparation such as renting the university hospital, ordering, shipping and custom handling the cadaver heads cross the border. Therefore, we usually offer this course every 3 to 4 months. If you are an Elite package student, we recommend you to try attending this course as soon as you find a chance and do not postpone it.

Unfortunately, since our costs for these courses are very high (great instructors, live models, products and supplied, assistants, food, cadaver lab costs, ….) we can not give any discount for this amazing already highly discounted package. But we totally understand that this might be too challenging for you to pay again. Therefore, the board sometimes considers some discount for some students. The board receives the request for this purpose individually and decides case by case. Please note, in some cases, the board might not grant any discounts.

This amount is paid in 4 payments as follow: 

  • First payment (deposit): $1500 (get instant access to all the online materials see details) Pay the first payment and join the CBAM family
  • Second payment: $2500 (on or before the date of the first physical class)
  • Third payment: $2000 (maximum one month after the 2nd payment)
  • Forth payment: $1500 (maximum one month after the 3rd payment)
    Total: $7500 plus tax*

*If you pay in full at the time of second payment, you save another $500 and your payment will be $7000.

When you finish each course, you will receive a Certificate of completion for that specific course, either it is a cosmetic injectable course or it is a aesthetic business course or any other one. However, if you come back for each course take it as a refresher, you will not receive another certificate.

Yes. Of course, according to RNAO and RPNAO “If you are a nurse who is taking education that will enhance the quality of care and services you provide as a nurse in Ontario, the education may be considered for reimbursement”.

However, please note: “Although the majority of applications are deemed eligible, because of the limited amount of funding available, not all nurses who apply will be approved for funding”.

Please read the regulations regarding this funding from the links below:

RNAO website:

RPNAO website:

For more information about CBAM’s Board Certified Package, contact us at 1-866-430-8677 or email us at

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Purchase Board Certified package for 6 months repeat of courses for $7000 only 

You can always pay the $1000 difference and add 6 more months to your package.

 (save $1000)