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Add Fast Growing Thread Lift Treatments to Your Current Practice

Program Overview

There’s a growing trend of patients seeking minimally invasive procedures, with reduced risk of complications and downtime- battling signs of aging. Although volume loss is an important factor in the aging of the face, mispositioning of the skin and underlying tissue also plays an important role in causing aging signs that needs to be addressed effectively. Thread lift is one of the major procedures that is able to battle this. Other aesthetic procedures have much less effect on lifting tissues compared to threads. The non-surgical thread lift course is suitable for health care professionals who are already practicing aesthetic medicine and are familiar with non-surgical procedures such as injection of fillers with a cannula and would like to add non-surgical thread lift to their practice.


  • Facial anatomy (theory and hands-on on fresh cadaver tissue)
  • Types of thread: PDO and PCLA
  • Patient assessment and selection
  • Treatment plan
  • Insertion techniques
    (Theory, Live demo, and hands-on cadaver)
  • Pre- and post-treatment instructions
  • Complications and management

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Hands-on Practice

Tread Lift Course

Face Lift

Tread Lift Course

Tissue tightening

Tread Lift Course

Collagen production

Tread Lift Course

Face Contouring

Outline of the course:

  • Facial Anatomy

  • Tissue Layers

  • Patient Assessment and Selection

  • Patient Consultation For Thread Lift

  • Indications and Contraindications of Thread

  • Anesthetics For Thread Treatments

  • Sterile Insertion Techniques

  • Thread Safety

  • Treatment Plan For Face Lift

  • Types of Threads and Selection

  • Nasolabial Fold Lift

  • Jowls and Marionette Lines Lift

  • Adjust The Lip Position and Smile Line

  • Pre- and Post-Treatment Instructions

  • Possible Thread Complications and Their Management

Cadaver Workshop

Live Dissection

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Red and Blue Dyes

Insertion Techniques

Master Instructors

Fully Hands-on

Certification of Completion

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Day 1: (9am-1pm) Toronto, Dr. Torgerson's Plastic Surgery Clinic

Day 2: (1pm-6pm) Cadaver Lab - Mount Sinai Hospital

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