Board Certified Aesthetic Practitioner

This designation is for Canadian and US Physicians and NPs*

* If you are a Nurse (RN, RPN or LPN), please read this:

Nurses (RN, RPN or LPN) are welcome to complete their designation, however they are awarded a different designation which is called CAMP Certified (Certified Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner).

What is the difference?

  • For Board Certified designation, you will be evaluated among other physicians and NPs:
    • You must submit 25 patients in your portfolio (rather than 20 patients for CAMP)
    • Your final comprehensive MCQ exam contains more challenging questions and also your practical OSCE exam has 4 rooms (Injectables, Anatomy, Laser and Cosmetic dermatology). (CAMP OSCE exam has 3 rooms and excludes Cosmetic dermatology room)
    • Your package price will be slightly higher. (you can check the price of this package on this page)
  • For CAMP designation, you will be evaluated among other nurses:

* If you are a Doctor in Quebec, please read this:

The process of designation and package completion is slightly different for the physicians who take CBAM courses in Quebec (CBAM Montreal centre).

The package in Montreal is delivered in 3 steps:

Step 1: Online materials and live virtual sessions (offered by CBAM)
Step 2: Practical sessions 
(offered by AMEQ)
Step 3: CBAM Board examinations 

If you would like to start the designation process in Quebec, please click here to learn more

Designation Process

1: To complete the minimum Injectables training:

  • Step 1: To Complete the 2-day Basic Injectable Course in one of the CBAM centres:

  • Step 2: To complete the minimum training for Advanced Injectable:
    • A: To complete all the online materials of Advanced Injectable Course.
    • B: To complete at least 2 Practice Days in one of the CBAM centres.
    • C: To complete the online exam of this course and receive the online certificate for Advanced Injectable Course

Note: Under Board Certified package you are entitled to repeat Practice Days for advanced injectable as much as you want, however, to apply for the designation, completion of 2 Practice Days is sufficient.

2: To complete other courses under Board Certified Package:

*Practical parts for Sclerotherapy and Laser courses are only offered in Toronto head office branch. The practical component of these 2 courses are optional and they are not mandatory as a part of designation process.  

Note: After completion of any of these courses and their online exams, you will receive an online Certificate of Completion.  

3: To submit 25 patients:

  • The 25 patients of aesthetic injectables should have been directly treated and followed up by the applicant. (please note the patients that you visit in CBAM centres can be calculated towards this number)
  • Each submitted patient must have the following documents:
    • Assessment and treatment plan
    • Treatment administration documentation
    • Follow up treatment documents and management of complications (if applicable)
    • Photos:
      • Before treatment
      • Immediately after treatment
      • Follow up treatment(s)


Submit your patients here

Note: If the patient is treated in one of the CBAM centres, you do not submit any of these documents. In this case, as long as you keep the record of your patients’ names, we can access other documents of the patients from CBAM files.

4: To complete your Board Examination:

Part 1: MCQ exam

60 question Multiple choice exam which covers all the topics have been studied in the following materials:

  • Injectables courses
  • Other 6 aesthetic courses (mentioned in part 2 in this page)
  • Virtual case discussion courses (here is the list)
  • Articles have been published in CBAMJ (CBAM Journal) by the date of the exam (in the last 1 year issues) (here is the archive)

Part 2: Practical OSCE exam

  • Live virtual 4 rooms (Injectables, Laser, Cosmetic dermatology and Anatomy)

Topics covered in the examination:

    • Aesthetic injectables (basic and advanced)
    • Complications and management
    • Cosmetic dermatology
    • Anatomy
    • Laser and EBD (Energy-Based Devices)

Click here to register for upcoming OSCE Exam

5: To complete your CBAM Profile and Receive Designation:

1: Complete your CBAM Profile:

Our designation team will contact you to get your picture, more information regarding your aesthetic practice and all your qualification in order to build your CBAM online page.

2: Receive your designation:

As soon as the information is completed we will make your page live. Your patients and colleagues can find you on web as aestheitc medicine Board Certified from this moment. (see a sample page)

We will also prepare your physical Wall Certificate which can be picked up from the CBAM centres as soon as it is ready. (See a sample)

Note: In order to keep your page on CBAM website, you are required to remain a Premium member. For the first year, the premium membership is included with the package free of charge. For the following years, the Premium membership is a paid service. Other than this benefit, there are many other benefits of Premium membership. Click here to see the benefits

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