Canadian Diploma Program in Aesthetic Medicine
Your Gateway to Excellence

Embark on the Canadian Diploma Program in Aesthetic Medicine: Your Gateway to Excellence

The Structure of the Canadian Diploma Program

The Canadian Diploma Program in Qatar unfold across three modules, typically completed within three months. Upon successful fulfillment of these modules, participants earn the Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine.

Module 1:

Basic Injectables

2 days

Online theory
virtual training
and hands-on practice with live models
at the local center.

Basic Botox and Fillers online materials


Module 2:

PRP, Laser Treatments, Chemical Peel

2 days

Online theory supplemented by hands-on training
at the local center.
Topics include PRP, basic mesotherapy
laser treatments, and chemical peels.

PRP & basic mesotherapy online materials
Basic laser online materials
Chemical peel online materials


Module 3:

Advanced Injectables

2 days

Online theory and hands-on training
focusing on advanced injectables

Advanced Botox and Fillers

Upon completing all modules, students must pass an MCQ online exam encompassing the materials covered in both online and in-class sessions. Access to online materials is provided for up to six months after the commencement of each module.

Following evaluation and submission of the evaluation sheet by faculty, graduates receive a digital Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine. Optionally, a hard copy diploma can be obtained for a fee of $120 USD, inclusive of mailing expenses.

Please Note: Until completion of Step 3, graduates’ names will not be listed on the CBAM website. To achieve Board Certification, Step 3 must be successfully completed. For more information and detailed instructions on Step 3, please click the button below.


Upcoming Diploma Program course Dates:

Module 1: To be announced soon.
Module 2: To be announced soon.
Module 3: To be announced soon.

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