MEDEXA: the simple, centralized, and affordable online multidisciplinary clinic management software

Electronic medical records, appointment management, schedule management, billing, detailed reports, and much more in a single program

  • Online notes in personalized forms
  • Centralized management of multiple locations
  • A customizable, multidisciplinary solution

MEDEXA, your clinic’s partner

About our medical manager software

MEDEXA: the union of technology and rehabilitation

Since 2015, our 3 founders with complementary strengths have been working hard to revolutionize the management of patient records. Their know-how in both a clinical setting and in IT development has allowed them to build software that addresses current problems: centralization, personalization, mobility, and multidisciplinarity.

Our passionate team is divided into three areas of expertise: the developers, who build the modules you need; the sales team, at your service to solve all your current problems; and our customer relations specialists, who support you and meet your needs every day.

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MEDEXA: the union of technology and rehabilitation

Secure, mobile, and personalized, MEDEXA greatly improves the efficiency of healthcare professionals, clinic profitability, and patient satisfaction by making the data accessible at all times on the majority of platforms. Your data is secure, because it’s encrypted and stored on highly secure servers located in Canada.

Features of our medical management software

Electronic medical records

With MEDEXA, patient record management is completely centralized and records are accessible simultaneously by multiple staff members in multiple locations or clinics. MEDEXA lets you save time thanks to its intuitive management of electronic medical records and its personalized forms.

Personalized forms

We know how important your forms are to you. After all, you’ve refined them over the years according to your needs! That’s why our team incorporates YOUR personalized forms. MEDEXA adapts to your practice!

Billing system

With just a few clicks, you can generate an invoice or a treatment receipt. Thanks to Medexa’s billing system, you can also send invoices directly to your patients by email and track your billing status with detailed, automated reports.

Schedule and appointment management

Take advantage of simple, intuitive, and – above all – centralized schedule and appointment management software. Avoid double booking and manage all locations’ schedules from a single interface. You can even manage the schedules for multiple locations all in one place!


Governmental module (CNESST)

The CNESST is a bureaucratic burden that can potentially eat away at your profits. Medexa has developed a module to automate the drafting of these documents as much as possible.

Online appointment booking

Automate appointment booking with a form on your website or Facebook page. You maintain control over your online appointment booking while saving time every day.

Text reminders

Our appointment reminder feature lets you automatically send your patients a reminder via text or email. Reduce no-shows and loss of earnings with a simple text message.



“The Accès Physio Network, consisting of six clinics, has been working with MEDEXA for several months. We’re well-equipped with the training received, and this lets us be efficient quickly.”

Marie-Lyne Partie
Accès Physio

“I’m much more efficient at booking appointments, managing the clinic’s schedule, and keeping patient records.”

Élaine Gendreau
Acupuncture, Clinique Élaine Gendreau

“The Accès Physio Network, consisting of six clinics, has been working with MEDEXA for several months. We’re well-equipped with the training received, and this lets us be efficient quickly.”

Marie-Ève Arcand
Chiropratique Vision Santé

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