INNOAESTHETICS provides professionals and end-users with medical aesthetic and dermatological solutions to treat any kind of skin alteration and maintain skin health and beauty.

With more than a century of experience developing pharmaceutical formulas to improve skin conditions, INNOAESTHETICS is a worldwide recognized company and a model laboratory in the aesthetic medicine and dermocosmetic industries. We develop and commercialize our own brands and provide private label manufacturing services under our business unit EXPERTISSE. All our products are GMP certified and premium quality.


Fernando Bouffard, Ph.D., 4th generation member, took over the laboratory in 1992. Under his direction, the laboratory has become an international company widely recognized for its skin treatments. As a born entrepreneur and passionate about his work, Mr. Bouffard continues to lead the company to a sustained annual growth rate of over 30%.

Our company history

The key dates to understand the growth and success of INNOAESTHETICS, a family company of four generations and over 120 years of experience in dermocosmetics.

All products

Our extensive product range includes high-quality solutions for aesthetic professionals and end-users. Products formulated with innovative active ingredients that work in perfect synergy to achieve the best results and meet users’ expectations. All our products are endorsed by doctors and dermatologists.


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