CBAM Job Board

CBAM Job Board

This platform is specifically designed for the members and students of Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM) from all over the world to provide them a better opportunity for job placements

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Advanced aesthetic practitioners

If you are an advanced aesthetic practitioner who is looking for a job in aesthetic medicine or if you are looking for a medical director, you can submit a resume here.

Doctors and Nurse practitioners

If you are a medical director who would like to expand your aesthetic business and would like to partner up with more aesthetic aesthetic centres, you can submit your resume as well.

* In order to submit a resume on the job board, you must be a CBAM member. For a limited time, even the basic members are allowed to have access to this service.

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Medical Directors

Aesthetic Physicians & Nurse Practitioners
Medical directors

If you are Medical director (Doctor or NP) and looking for advanced nurses to work with, you can submit a job position here. We connect our advanced graduates to the list of medical directors. We have also some services to help you establish this relationship.

Aesthetic Spas

Local Medical Spa Owners

If you are an aesthetic aesthetic spa owner
and would like to get access to medical directors (Doctors and NPs) or advanced aesthetic nurses, you can submit a job position here. We provide a network between the aesthetic aesthetic spas and our graduates.

** As a medical director or as an aesthetic spa owner, you must become a CBAM member first in order to post a job position or review the available applicants. (minimum basic member)

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