Megan Kozak
Founder/CEO & Aesthetic Practitioner

Megan Kozak, widely known as The ARCHITECT™, is the model turned face-maker who has been setting a new standard in the injectable industry since entering in 2013.
Renowned by the media as the unrivalled “Toronto’s Designer Face Maker”, Kozak has been carving an illustrious path of her own. Her visionary expertise has earned her a notable title as a 5-time featured injectable expert recognized for her dramatic full-face transformations.
As the founder and CEO of The POUT Clinic, Kozak has garnered an impressive collection of over 400 5-star Google reviews and counting, cementing her status as a true leader in the field. It is within the walls of this esteemed clinic that Kozak meticulously developed her sought-after step-by-step protocol, the celebrated FierceFACEFormula™ which includes her signature ARCHITOX™ method.
Recognized for her artistic talent and invaluable insights, Kozak has served as an advisory panel expert for Allergan, the leader of pharmaceuticals in the industry.
Through her captivating charisma, unwavering expertise, and innovative approaches, her interactions with others consistently leave a meaningful and lasting impact.
From transforming faces to transforming lives, she is now setting out to transform the industry. As a visionary leader, Kozak is steadfast in her commitment to shaping a positive industry future by educating other practitioners on how to transform their results, transform their mindset, and ultimately transform their practice.