Dr. Steven Harris
Dr. Steven Harris

Dr. Harris: A Pioneering Expert in Aesthetic Medicine and Facial Reshaping

With a unique blend of artistic sensibility and medical expertise, Dr. Harris stands as a renowned figure in the realm of Aesthetic Medicine. Drawing inspiration from his creative lineage – a father who’s an inventor and a mother, a painter – Dr. Harris has always been fascinated by shape and form. This intrinsic interest led him to a transformative career shift 17 years ago when he transitioned from a General Practitioner to a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine after discovering his calling through an introductory course.

Since founding his clinic, Dr. Harris has been at the forefront of facial rejuvenation, performing over 40,000 procedures with a focus on Facial Reshaping and pioneering the Nonsurgical Lip Tubercle (NLT) technique for lip enhancements. His approach is not just about technical precision but also about artistic flair – viewing the face as a complete canvas rather than isolated areas. This philosophy has been a driving force behind his innovative holistic method in nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, aimed at restoring facial shape and harmony.

Dr. Harris believes in a ‘less is more’ philosophy, a testament to his dedication to achieving natural-looking results that are both aesthetically pleasing and balanced. His work has not only garnered positive feedback from patients but also widespread recognition among peers.

Beyond his clinical achievements, Dr. Harris is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise. He is a regular contributor to publications and a sought-after speaker in the UK and internationally, advocating for a holistic and artistic approach in the field. His commitment to education and innovation in aesthetic medicine makes him a true leader and an inspiration to practitioners worldwide.