Dr. Sara Mahdavi - sq
Dr. Sara Mahdavi
BSc, HBSc, RD, MSc, Ph.D.
Department Head, Department of Regenerative Medicine,
Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto
Associate Member, College of Family Physicians in Canada
Dr. Sara Mahdavi is a clinical scientist and holds a clinical instructor and research appointment with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. She received her doctorate from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto in the field of gene-environment interactions and cardiometabolic disease. She also has a master of science in exercise physiology and a Licensed Nutritionist Dietitian. She had been practicing clinical dietetics for over a decade at several hospitals as well as private practices.She has been an invited speaker at medical conferences, health systems, and government agencies. She has developed several initiatives and programs to enhance clinical education for physicians and other healthcare providers internationally. She has published over a dozen original scientific articles in top medical journals, and has been an invited reviewer for several clinical journals while serving on the editorial board of serval medical journals as well as a international science advisory boards of industry and educational institutions in genetics, dermatology, aesthetics and internal medicine.Her clinical research and practice have applications that include; early insulin sensitivity, kidney disease, rare and prevalent genetic polymorphism, caffeine metabolism, innovative dermatological interventions, and regenerative medicine with an emphasis on utilizing precision medicine.Her passion and expertise lie in uncovering links between genetic and environmental factors that lead to improved health outcomes and enhance motivations for lifestyle modification.