Dr. Neel Bector
MD, Aesthetic Physician

Known throughout the Greater Toronto Area as a master of his craft, Dr. Neel Bector is redefining the world of non-surgical cosmetics with his full face and body approach. Dr. Bector is an artist, innovator, scientist and medical doctor who utilizes various treatments to provide his clients with gorgeous, natural results that get noticed! He has been recognized for his natural ability to push the boundaries of the cosmetic industry and redefines what is possible without having his clients go ‘under the knife’.

Dr. Bector has a talent for combining treatments with the end result of obtaining amazing results for his clients. He has an extensive understanding of energy based devices and combination treatments. His talent lies in combining treatments to get results that most people believe are only available through surgery. Dr. Neel Bector is a Canadian trained physician with 20 years of practice in the Greater Toronto Area. He started his training in cosmetic medicine in 2001 and continues to upgrade his skills, techniques, and understanding of various aesthetic technologies from leaders all over the globe and regularly travels to ensure that he is at the cutting edge of this industry.