Dr. Natalia Mikhaylova
Dr. Natalia Mikhaylova, MD, PhD
Dermatogist, Cosmetologist (Russia)

Natalia Mikhaylova is an author of innovative methodologies and teaching programs in aesthetic cosmetology, new technics and methods of preparation injections in mesotherapy and contouring plastic surgery, initiator of creating new injective preparations for aesthetic medicine and cosmetology, author of 10 patents on invention, international grants.

Constant speaker on Russian and International congresses, symposiums, conferences (ENTERESTET 2019 (Barcelone), AMWC 2018 (Monaco), MCA 2018 (Nice), ENTERESTET 2018 (Rome), IMCAS 2018 (Paris), AMWC 2017 (Monaco), IMCAS 2017 (Paris), ENTERESTET 2016 (Dubai), Dubai Derma 2016 (Dubai), AMWC 2016 (Monaco), IMCAS 2016 (Paris), AMEC 2015 (Paris), AMWC Eastern Europe 2015 (Moscow), AMWC 2015 (Monaco)).

Participant of Federal programs of Russia concerning development of medical industry till 2020, presidential program on nuclear medicine for treatment oncological diseases including skin.

Actively involved in scientific work. Area of interests: application of injective methods in dermatology, hyaluronic acid in medicine. On the base of Institute of synthetical polyamide materials of Enikopolova and “MARTINEX” she developed innovative preparation Hyalrepair/bioreparant which includes a modified through a method of solid-phase modification hyaluronic acid with vitamins, acids and peptides fixed on its molecule. Such structure allows to keep hyaluronic acid and vitally important bioregulators in skin for a long time.  Unlike ordinary cocktails for mesotherapy and biorevitalisation, the product Hyalperair manages to solve difficult aesthetic problems by acceleration of own organism reparative processes.

Taking into account an absolutely new mode of action of this preparation and its more expressed effectiveness comparing with existing medicines for anti-aging of skin in 2010, Natalia Mikhaylova suggested a term “bioreparation”. She carried out clinical experimental research of bioreparants influence on skin and in the course of this research it was proved effectiveness and safety and she developed recommendations concerning carrying out procedures of bioreparation in practical medicine.

The author of more than hundred publications and scientific practical editions, also she is an author of a book “Hyaluronic acid. Application in cosmetology and medicine”, 2012, edition Lambert, Germany; co-author of a book “Polysaccharides in medicine of future” (2015).

Chief-in-editor of magazines «Les Nouvelles Esthétiques», “Injective cosmetology”, “Lasers & Aesthetics”, “My Reforma”, scientific editor of set of foreign books on cosmetology including atlas “Mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine”, 2014, edition Practical medicine, Moscow; “Injective methods in cosmetology”, 2016, edition Medpress-inform.

2000 – Graduated from Kharkov Medical Institute

2001 – Specialty: Therapy, Kharkov Medical Institute

2006 – Specialty: Dermatology, Kharkov Medical Institute

2007-2009 – postgraduate studies in therapy, First Moscow State Medical University of Sechenov I.M.

2009 to 2013 – Postgraduate studies in dermatology, First Moscow State Medical University of Sechenov I.M.

2015 – Awarded science degree of Candidate of medical sciences (PhD), First Moscow State Medical University of Sechenov I.M.

  • MD, PhD, dermatologist, cosmetologist
  • Associate professor at Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
  • Chief Physician of Reforma medical centres by Dr. Natalia Mikhaylova
  • Academic Adviser for Laboratory Toskani, Academic Adviser for Martinex Training and Methodology Centre
  • Head of ENTERESTET international educative project
  • Expert officer of MARTINEX International scientific research center of innovative technologies functioned under UNESCO
  • Member of scientific board of Visage course (Euromedicom)
  • Actual member of American Academy of dermatology (AAD) and American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS)
  • Member of expert board for Laboratories GERnétic Synthèse (France), Sinclair Pharma (UK), SuissElle (Switzerland)
  • President of National Society of Mesotherapy (Russia) and Eurasian Community of Injective Methods Specialists
  • Author of preparation composition Hyalrepair and a unique non-surgery method anti-aging of “Bioreparation”
  • author of 10 patents on invention (composition and method of its obtaining
  • Editor-in-Chief of the magazines: “Les Nouvelles Esthétiques”, “Injective cosmetology”, “Lasers & Aesthetics”, Russia
  • winner of the first International competition of dermatologists and cosmetologists “Sphere of mastership 2010” in nomination “The best scientific work on cosmetology”
  • laureate of “National Prize 2010 in the sphere of professional cosmetology” in nomination “For innovations and implementation of new technologies in cosmetology”
  • author of a book “Hyaluronic acid. Application in cosmetology and medicine”, 2012, edition Lambert, Germany; co-author of a book “Polysaccharides in medicine of future” (2015)
  • officer of the BRUSSELS EUREKA Innovation Award 2015
  • laureate of the award “The best Russian women” in nomination “For professional honor, merit  and honorable business reputation”, 2015 for contribution to the development of aesthetic medicine
  • laureate of the UNESCO Medal “For contribution to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnologies” 2016
  • Gold medal with highest distinction and diploma by International jury Brussels Innova 2016
  • Prize of Guy Vanhengel, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Finance, Budget and Exterior Relations, 2016
  • “Doctor of the Year”-2016 in Russia (nomination “Aesthetic Physician”), according to the “KP” radio station